The Unexpected Flavor of Uruguay

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Welcome to the best way to explore Uruguay: eating

Uruguay may be famous for its nightlife, free mindset, and perhaps its eccentric presidents; however, few people know how “delicious” this country really is. We will explore the colonial towns up north around Sacramento, paying special attention to the wineries in nearby Narbona. Here, you will experience authentic “colonial indulgences” as you make cheese, distill your very own liquor, ride through vineyards in a vintage auto, and sample the wine …even picking the grapes. We will then head east to Punta del Este, where a very special establishment awaits. It’s a hotel, gallery and winery all in one. All these routes, without stopping to eat the local’s food! Indulge in the unexpected flavors of Uruguay.

Activities you are going to do
  • Cooking
    Learn ancestral recipes as you bond with local culture and history through a cooking lesson – a fun and delicious alternative for experiencing your destination.
  • Biking
    Cycle across the country to intimately explore an area, smelling its scents, spotting its sights, and experiencing its local life. You'll have challenging slopes as well as serene paths as you discover sheer delight in the landscape.
  • Wine Experience
    Some places cannot be immersed without a wine experience. This is not only to please your senses. As you visit the most important wineries, learn their stories, philosophies and taste their wines, you will get to taste our culture, our history... Salud!
  • Walking tours
    Wander around cobble stone paths as you visit small workshops and cafeterias. Travel back in time and reflect our history in the present moment; discover a slightly different lifestyle. As you walk around with us, you will stumble upon pleasant surprises.
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