Surtrek is a tourism company that provides personalized travel services, paying particular attention to our client’s particular needs and interests. 

As we offer each client a product according to their specific requirements and interests, we do so responsibly by providing objective but flexible travel advice.

As we offer quality services – with the understanding that we sell unique and unforgettable moments – one of our priorities is to be aware of our clients’ expectations, in order to design personalized trips for each of them.

To ensure the maintenance and permanent improvement of the quality of our services, we have instituted effective controls throughout the travel design process, and continually evaluate all the services that we provide. In addition, we work to permanently improve communication channels with all services providers involved in our trips, and we constantly train and motivate all company staff members.

Moreover, Surtrek has a strong commitment to the environment, as we emphasize sustainability and community-based tourism. We are not only proud of having earned certifications from various environmental organizations, but we also work to make tangible differences in the destinations in which we operate by supporting local sustainable-tourism initiatives.

As the Surtrek staff consists of citizens from eight different countries, cultures and languages, our human capital is capable of understanding all aspects of our clients – no matter where they are from. We are always willing and capable of speaking with these clients to find out exactly what travel experiences they are seeking and how we can best serve them, while taking into account that Surtrek will never neglect the integral health, well-being or safety of any of our employees.

Alfonso Tandazo
Executive President - Surtrek Tour Operator
Surtrek President
San Ignacio E10-114 y Caamaño
Quito, Pichincha