A Love Story in the Land of the Incas

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A mystical romantic journey to Peru.

Develop an enchanting relationship with the rarest of elements: spirituality and mystery. We encourage travelers – especially couples – to set forth on an enriching adventure. Mysteries of a lost citadel, the origin of an ancient civilization, a sacred lake and a spiritual people… Peru, “the Land of the Incas,” is truly an inspiring place to explore. You can both rest up at the Huacachina oasis after an adrenaline-filled day of exploring the desert, or treat yourselves to an Andean-style spa after a long excursion through the ruins of Machu Picchu. Or simply cuddle together, wrapped in a warm blanket under an unbelievable sky.

Activities you are going to do
  • Trekking
    Explore the way, you might encounter surprises – a curious animal, a sudden mist blanketing the land, or a friendly local helping you with directions.
  • Scenic Flyovers
    Getting a sense of the Nazca Lines, feeling the power of the Iguazu Falls, or immersing yourself in Patagonia's beauty... there are places so vast and majestic that they can only be appreciated from the air.
  • Locomotive Journeys
    As you travel from one place to another, only a train ride allows you to experience certain views and landscapes – be they steep canyons, lush forests or impressive snow-capped mountain ranges.
  • Walking tours
    Wander around cobble stone paths as you visit small workshops and cafeterias. Travel back in time and reflect our history in the present moment; discover a slightly different lifestyle. As you walk around with us, you will stumble upon pleasant surprises.
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Definition of a Journey with Surtrek...

As travel is so personal, our journeys can have a tremendous bearing on you as a person through their being inspirational, authentic, safe and unique.