Conquering Glacial Titans

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Conquering the Giants. Conquer your Giant

Steep valleys, rock climbing, harsh weather, multi-day trekking …they will put you to the test. This is Patagonia, which is also one of the most rewarding of experiences. As you are pushed to your limits, you will be “reduced” to what is most essential: your spirit. As you conquer these challenges, you will “re-discover yourself,” along with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for this world. You will sense freedom after trekking up steep valleys. You will be awed by the vast and infinite landscape that unfolds before you after climbing a summit. You will find peace as you gaze up into the starry night. You will find joy as you share a camp fire with other explorers. As you have endured, you will soon realize: it was worth the trouble. Conquer the Giants… Discover your inner giant…

Activities you are going to do
  • Camping
    Out in the wild, there are few better alternatives for immersing yourself in the natural environment than camping. Get a taste of a real adventure-experience and have it just for you.
  • Trekking
    Explore the way, you might encounter surprises – a curious animal, a sudden mist blanketing the land, or a friendly local helping you with directions.
  • Photo Safari
    Going on a photo safari can be more than challenging. Along with our specialists, we will take you to the very best spots at precisely the right times.
  • Mountain Climbing
    Conquer the crown of the Andes. The goal is without a doubt rewarding ...and the challenging experience of the climb will give you priceless inspiration.
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Definition of a Journey with Surtrek...

As travel is so personal, our journeys can have a tremendous bearing on you as a person through their being inspirational, authentic, safe and unique.