Combining the Galapagos Islands & Machu Picchu

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GPS+MPP: South America to the veins

Machu Picchu + the Galapagos Islands …two highlights that summarize the wonders of South America. These two destinations are so compatible – both operationally and as an experience for the traveler – that they constitute one of the most popular multi-destination vacations today. They are a perfect fusion of an inspiring and an adventurous travel experience, a combo perfect for honeymooners or luxury travelers. The very best of Ecuador and Peru, a tailored travel experience will take you to Peru’s breathtaking ruins and landscapes, bring you in contact with indigenous cultures in the awe-inspiring Ecuadorian highlands, and also provide island-hopping adventure in evolution’s “living laboratory.” Discover what it’s like to approach an unafraid sea lion and an inspiring ancient culture.

Activities you are going to do
  • Photo Safari
    Going on a photo safari can be more than challenging. Along with our specialists, we will take you to the very best spots at precisely the right times.
  • Locomotive Journeys
    As you travel from one place to another, only a train ride allows you to experience certain views and landscapes – be they steep canyons, lush forests or impressive snow-capped mountain ranges.
  • Snorkeling
    Snorkel alongside penguins, sea turtles and playful sea lions. Find yourself enchanted by tropical fish and their vivid colors, while non-aggressive sharks will (safely) fill you with astonishment!
  • Walking tours
    Wander around cobble stone paths as you visit small workshops and cafeterias. Travel back in time and reflect our history in the present moment; discover a slightly different lifestyle. As you walk around with us, you will stumble upon pleasant surprises.
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As travel is so personal, our journeys can have a tremendous bearing on you as a person through their being inspirational, authentic, safe and unique.