Desert and Wines

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Indulgence in the middle of the desert

Argentina is already famous for its wine. However, what makes this country’s viticulture so fascinating is its impact on the nation’s history and way of life. It’s interesting to learn how immigrants have shaped wineries and, consequently, have formed the country’s wine culture. The story traces back to the Spanish conquistadors, though later the French brought Malbec and Italians introduced Bonardas. Each region is thus marked by different influences and possess varying characteristics. Renowned wineries such as those in Mendoza are, of course, on our list. However, we would also like to pay special attention to the still little-known northern wineries. And though counterintuitive, we will point out that one of the country’s finest wines is made in a desert. Discover the flavors and subtle notes of Argentina’s wine, its people, history and culture.

Activities you are going to do
  • Trekking
    Explore the way, you might encounter surprises – a curious animal, a sudden mist blanketing the land, or a friendly local helping you with directions.
  • Cooking
    Learn ancestral recipes as you bond with local culture and history through a cooking lesson – a fun and delicious alternative for experiencing your destination.
  • Wine Experience
    Some places cannot be immersed without a wine experience. This is not only to please your senses. As you visit the most important wineries, learn their stories, philosophies and taste their wines, you will get to taste our culture, our history... Salud!
  • Tango Lessons
    Synchronize your spirit with Argentina. This is no ordinary dance class; you will be immersing through lectures and workshops which will maximize your experience in one of the most romantic destinations in South America.
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