Why Solo Custom Vacations Rule: Create Your Own Adventure

Traveling Alone
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April, 13, 2018
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See the world on your own terms.

Travel makes an impact, no matter where you go or who you travel with. But traveling alone is life-changing.

Thinking about solo travel? Read below to find out why we think it’s the best way to travel. To make it the trip of your dreams, choose South America as your destination and let Surtrek, the leader in South American travel, create one of their custom vacations just for you.

You get to see places you never dreamed of seeing.  

We’re not saying you can’t travel to amazing places in a group. But when you travel alone, you get to make sure you visit destinations that you have always dreamed about. Heard about a delicious, off-the-beaten-path restaurant at the base of Machu Picchu? Make a reservation! Is there an art gallery you want to visit 45 minutes outside Santiago? Rent a car and go! When you travel alone, you can see anything you want to see.

You’ll meet interesting people.  

Traveling isn’t just about landscapes and views; it’s about the people you meet and getting to know their culture, too. When you travel in a group, you tend to stick with those you know. Travel by yourself, however, and you’re somewhat forced to meet locals, mingle with other travelers and really branch out. Solo travel makes you vulnerable—but in a very good way.

You’ll force yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

Eat alone. Sign up for an expat tour. Grab a drink at a neighborhood bar. Go hiking by yourself. Push yourself in ways, alone, that you never have before. On that same note, if something goes wrong, take a deep breath and figure out how to get through it! Solo travel makes you grow, whether you expect it to or not.

You have control over what you spend.

Save money or spend a ton. When you travel alone, you get to decide! Typically, being on your own lets you save more on flights, single accommodations, excursion tickets, meals for one and more—meaning, if your budget allows, you can even turn it into a longer vacation, too. That said, if you like a taste of the luxury life and your friends never have the means to do that… do it solo. It’s your money, and when you travel alone, you can spend it however you’d like.

Most importantly… you have freedom.

Of course, the chief benefit of solo travel is having the freedom to do exactly what you want. When you start to plan your adventure, you can hop on an all-inclusive tour, book individual hotels and transportation, or if you’re feeling particularly spontaneous, book a flight and figure it out when you get there. Making your life easier, there are travel companies (like Surtrek!) who can create custom vacations for solo travelers that promise to take you everywhere you want to go, according to your budget and timeline. And because they’re bonafide experts in South American travel, they can suggest hotels, restaurants, local experiences, hikes and more that you might not have heard about otherwise.

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