Why Choose Surtrek for Family Travel?

Traveling with Kids
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March, 19, 2018
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Make your next family trip one for the books.

Aside from the obvious—giving you an opportunity to see the world and experience other cultures—travel has too many benefits to count. And for families, it can be one of the best ways to bond with one another.

As every parent knows, between soccer practice, music lessons, homework, school events and everything else, life as a family can get really busy. That’s why it’s important to schedule quality time together! Lucky for us, travel gives us just that. By cutting out daily responsibilities, and replacing them with fun and relaxing activities, travel always has a way of bringing us back to our “true,” unabashed selves. By doing so, travel lets family and friends connect in a way that nothing else does. The memories you make traveling with your family will be ones you can share for the rest of your life; and as you create those memories, you’ll strengthen your bonds with whoever you’re traveling with, too.

Surtrek — a leading adventure travel company, specializing in custom, local trips in South America—has created a series of adventures with families in mind! As part of Surtrek’s commitment to planning once-in-a-lifetime trips, the company prides itself on making sure every experience can be described in four ways: They’re each inspirational, authentic, safe and unique.

Here’s how they do it:  

Inspirational: Go on an excursion with Surtrek, and you’ll be introduced to destinations, people and events designed to inspire you! By seeing life through their eyes, you’ll come back from your adventure changed.

Authentic: When you go to a new destination, Surtrek doesn’t want you to feel like a tourist; and you shouldn't. Being a company founded and operated by locals, Surtrek knows what actually is local. Experience the true essence of South America with Surtrek by your side.

Safe: As exciting as travel can be, you’re still in unknown territory—so you need to be smart about it. With Surtrek, you can rest assured that your guides are overly familiar with whatever area you visit, and along the same lines, know where not to go, too.

Unique: On top of everything else, Surtrek doesn’t want your adventure to be like anyone else’s trip; so this adventure travel company will design a custom vacation just for you! Every trip you take with Surtrek is original, unique and personalized. Most importantly, when you go on one, you and your family will be able to experience South America “your way.”

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