Why Chile is One of the Most Romantic Getaways in the World

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April, 13, 2018
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Take your love to Chile.

If you’re in the mood for a romantic escape to South America, look no further than Chile. Spanning nearly 2,500 miles from north to south—with beaches, a sprawling wine region, Patagonia, different gastronomic experiences and the Atacama Desert in between—this burgeoning country offers a little something for every type of traveler. Given the option, we’ll always choose Chile. (We’d even argue that it’s one of the most romantic getaways in the world!)

Here are just some of the reasons Chile is the ideal romantic vacation destination:

1. It has one of the most interesting deserts in the world.

Not only is the Atacama Desert the world’s driest desert, but it also puts you right in the middle of the best of Mother Nature. Go here and spend your days in desert spas, exploring salt flats, watching an active geyser, floating in blue lagoons or just taking in stunning views of the Andes all around you. When the sun goes down, you and your significant other can grab a glass of wine and stargaze for as long as you please. In this part of the world, there’s nothing blocking your view.

2. It’s filled with interesting cities.

Take Santiago, for example. While it’s a major city, it’s boutique feel, countless museums, quaint parks, art galleries and mouthwatering restaurants will make you feel like you’ve uncovered a real hidden gem. As a bonus, it’s not far from either the coast or the sea! So depending on the time of year you visit, if you’re an adventurous couple, you can combine your weekend in the city with outdoor activities, as well.

3. Did we mention its fabulous wine region? (Because it has a fabulous wine region.)

Ah… Chilean wine. If you haven’t had it yet, you’re missing out—it’s truly something special. For a more traditional weekend steeped in romance, plan to visit Casablanca, one of Chile’s main wine valleys, where couples will find cooler temperatures and a Mediterranean climate. When you do, spend your days strolling through the vineyards hand in hand, doing wine tastings, eating delicious wine-pairing dinners, relaxing in one of its countless hotel spas, or even going for a bike ride to take in the views. The definition of “paradise,” Chile’s wine regions are some of South America’s most romantic getaways.

And of course, Patagonia.

You’ve probably heard of this exotic destination by now. Perfect for couples looking for total seclusion, here, you’re only surrounded by idyllic landscapes, rare wild animals, towering fjords and of course, the majestic Torres del Paine. Because of its draw, there are plenty of luxury hotels in Patagonia that can be your haute home base as you navigate your surroundings. If you want to relax, drink wine, visit hotel spas, go for a boat ride or take a walk and look around. For something more adventurous, go horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, ice hiking and even fly fishing. Whatever you do, you’re in one of the most revered travel destinations—so hold on to one another and soak it all up.

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