What You Should Know to Plan a Solo Antarctica Vacation

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July, 11, 2018
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Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

An Antarctica vacation is a pipe dream for most travelers, but with Surtrek, it can become a reality. Surprising to many, Antarctica is actually a great destination for solo travelers. When it comes time for you to plan a trip there for yourself, remember our insight below to make sure you’re prepared for the journey.

There are three ways to get there. Pick one!

You can get to your Antarctica vacation by plane, boat or a combination of the two. Flying gets you there faster, but if you want to see Antarctica’s massive icebergs up close (a sight travelers practically drool over), boats are the way to go. Traveling by boat takes you through Drake Passage, which is stunning, but it might be too rough for those prone to seasickness. If you can’t decide which one is best for you, choose a fly/sail voyage and experience a little of both. This last option often flies into the Falkland Islands or King George Island, bypassing Drake Passage, and finishes the rest of the journey by boat.

There are two starting points.

The most popular way to cruise to Antarctica is by leaving from Ushuaia, in southern Argentina. If you want to get to the interior part of the continent, like to the South Pole or Vinson Massif, you’ll have to fly private. Private flights to Antarctica’s interior leave from either Cape Town, South Africa or Punta Arenas, Chile.

If you do travel by boat, you won’t need to pay single supplement fees.

As you might already know, solo travelers often get socked with extra charges for no other reason than they’re traveling alone. Luckily, most cruises to Antarctica no longer charge these “single supplement” fees. Instead, you have the option to bunk up with other solo travelers to cut costs. If you want your own private cabin, you can have it—just be aware that you might have to pay extra.

Bring whatever medicine you might need.

Last we checked, Antarctica isn’t known for its mega chains of drugstores. When packing for your Antarctica vacation, don’t forget your over-the-counter medicines! A sea sickness preventative, like Dramamine or Bonine, is critical, as are general drugs like Advil, Tylenol, cold medicine or whatever else you could need on a trip somewhere freezing.

Yes, it will be cold.

So pack accordingly! Your fashion peacoats and faux boots won’t cut it here. Pretend you’re in Chicago in the dead of winter, and bring everything you’d wear if you were skiing or snowboarding… and then some.

A camera is a must.

Have your camera ready to go at all times, and pack battery chargers, heavy-duty batteries, different lenses and more, if you have them. You’ll want to take pictures of everything—from wildlife, snow-capped mountains and floating icebergs, to Elephant Island, fluttering penguins, whales and even just the open seas.

Don’t stop at Antarctica.

The journey to the frozen tundra alone is half of the experience. You have to travel through so many cool places to even get there, whether its Argentina, Chile or South Africa, so take some time to enjoy wherever you are. See if you can choose a route that gets you to South Georgia Island and the Falkland Islands, too. The world is a beautiful place, and when given an opportunity to embark on something as special as an Antarctica vacation, you should see as much of it as you can.  

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