Unique Trips That Make Great Vacations for Couples

Romantic Trips
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February, 07, 2018
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Spread across the globe, these hotel destinations will keep your travels interesting.

When you’re traveling with your special someone—whether it’s for a honeymoon, an anniversary trip, to propose, or simply just for fun—you want to make sure it’s an unforgettable experience. That’s where the element of adventure comes in! Lucky for travelers, the world is filled with one-of-a-kind hotels, hotels completely immersed in Mother Nature, that let you make memories together while you discover new places. Making it easier to plan, there are even out-of-the-box travel agencies, like Surtrek, that can personalize these sophisticated adventures to tailor them especially for you.

Planning a romantic escape with your loved one? Here are great vacations for couples that will satisfy your craving for both adventure and luxury.

Palacio de Sal
Uyuni, Bolivia

Built on the famed salt flats of Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, The Palacio de Sal (which translates to “Salt Palace”) is completely made of salt! Drawing from the area’s most abundant resources, salt, the walls and furniture are built from salt blocks, and the hotel includes an impressive lobby, a bar, a restaurant, 16 rooms with private bathrooms, central heating, electricity, a golf course, and a spa with a dry sauna, a steam room, a whirlpool and, unsurprisingly, its own saltwater baths. When you and your lover book a stay here, you’re not just visiting one of Mother Nature’s most impressive, almost-inexplicable natural sights. You’re sleeping on it, too.

Ariau Amazon Towers
Manaus, Brazil

If you’re a fan of eco-hotels—or just nature, in general—then you need to book a stay at Ariau Amazon Towers, in Manaus Brazil! Blending into the towering treetops of the Amazonian forest,  these sky-high suites invite guests to wake up every morning to the sounds of monkeys screeching in the trees, birds chirping in their nests, and the sun rising over a sea of green. Every room has a private balcony to take in the beautiful views, and throughout the “resort,” you both can go for a swim in the pool, dine and drink at different restaurants and bars, or simply roam through up to five miles of canopy-level walkways.They’re all hovering in the treetops of the world’s largest forest, giving you a view of South America that most people never get to see.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
Saariselkä, Finland

Sitting in Finnish Lapland, just 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle, this idyllic resort is made up entirely of igloos peeking out of the snow. Go in the winter, and you can spend your days snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing or roaming with reindeer. If you’re there in the summer, take advantage of the Great Outdoors and go horseback riding, pan for gold or just take in the views. The real treat of the resort is, of course, the 53 igloos, which are made entirely of thermal glass to keep guests warm and give them unparalleled views of the Northern Lights. When you stay here, you get to fully disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with your special someone; there isn’t even WiFi in the igloos, so really, it’s your only option.

Tree Hotel Harads,
Swedish Lapland, Sweden

Not too far away, in the remote villages of Sweden, Tree Hotel is a real treat for adventurous couples looking for a taste of luxury. Comprised of just seven treehouses poking out of the area’s towering forest, when you stay here, you feel completely immersed in nature. Stay at this eco-hotel, and your escape will include everything from ice fishing, trips to the Arctic Circle and following Sámi herders has they corral their reindeer, to nature walks, and of course, nightly views of the sacred Northern Lights.

Costa Verde
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

If you find it hard to sleep on airplanes, this hotel will show you how. Costa Verde is a two-bedroom suite, available for bookings, that has been converted from a 1965 vintage Boeing 727 airplane. All furnishings are made out of hand-carved teak—fitting, when you consider you’re literally in the middle of the jungle—and the plane itself sits on a concrete base that rises 50 feet into the air. For an unbeatable view of the surrounding Costa Rican canopies, there’s a handcrafted deck on top of the plane wing. You’re so high up, the views will make you think you’re actually flying.

Crane Hotel Faralda
Amsterdam, Netherlands

How daring are you? This out-of-the-box hotel (literally) invites brave couples to sleep high up in the sky… specifically in a permanent crane that has since been converted into a three-suite hotel in Amsterdam. Offering a taste of the luxury life to those who dare stay there, this opulent-meets-obscure property has no shared spaces, restaurants or bars. That said, each of the “suites,” the anchors of which is the crane itself, have been outfitted with high-end interior design, air-conditioning, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, plush furniture, and in some cases, multiple levels. And for that sense of adventure you seek, take in the view of Amsterdam from the crane-top hot tub, hop on a helicopter tour, or bungee jump from the edge of the crane to get, well, closer to ground level.

Looking for more great vacations for couples? Make South America your destination of choice, and let Surtrek show you all it has to offer.

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