Trips for Singles: Why It Could Be Your Best Adventure

Traveling Alone
September, 27, 2018
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There’s no doubt about it: traveling with friends and family, and even colleagues, can be a lot of fun. We’re more confident about exploring a new area when we’re with other people. We’re more willing to try adventurous activities if we have someone there nudging us along. For people who don’t like to eat alone, having a travel buddy is almost essential.

But if you’re willing, we’ve got an idea for you: try taking a solo trip. Taking trips for singles in a place that’s safe and interesting, like South America, can be the adventure you didn’t know you needed—and travel companies like Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel, can help you bring it to life. Here are just some of the reasons we love solo travel:

Your trip becomes about the destination.

When you’re with a group, even if you’re somewhere really interesting, there are always distractions. Someone is hungry. Someone needs a bathroom. Someone is tired. Someone else isn’t interested in whatever you’re doing. Go by yourself and you’re practically forced to immerse yourself in your surroundings. You inevitably walk and explore more and talk to more locals. Because of that, trips for singles almost always end with a lifetime of memories you won’t forget.

You can do your trip on your budget.

You get to control what you spend! If you don’t want to spend crazy amounts on some fancy hotel, don’t. If you want to blow your money on champagne dinners, do it. If you get a sudden urge to buy a tent and camp along the Inca trail, it’s your money to spend. Want to hire a private plane? You can do that, too. Trips for singles don’t require validation on what you spend or how you spend it.

You also get to choose how you spend your time.

Just like your money, trips for singles means not having to ask someone what they want to do the next day. The world is your oyster! See the parts of South America you want to see, exactly when you want to see them.

You always come back a stronger person.

Traveling to another continent, especially one where you don’t speak the language, can test you. You might get lost. You might order the wrong meal at dinner. You might hop on the wrong train and accidentally head to the wrong destination. None of these mishaps are detrimental, but being forced to navigate new territory on your own always comes with a lesson. You’ll learn more about who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, where your priorities lie and how you handle yourself when you step outside your comfort zone. When it comes down to it, trips for singles change you; but only for the better.

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