Travel Safety Tips: Stay Safe on Your Solo Peru Holiday

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July, 03, 2018
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Have a safe, fun-filled adventure in Peru

Peru is a beautiful country! But like anywhere you travel, it’s important to take a few precautions to make sure you stay safe abroad.

Here at Surtrek, we know all about traveling to Peru on your own. Consider the following safety tips during your next solo Peru holiday, and you’ll enjoy a fun, worry-free adventure in South America:

Always carry multiple copies of your itinerary and passport.

When you travel abroad, your passport is your only ticket back. So if you lose it, you’re in trouble! Make two or three copies of your passport and put them in different travel bags, like one in your backpack and another in your suitcase. That way, if you lose your passport, you have one in a pinch.

Let your loved ones know where you are.

Whether it’s by calling, texting or just updating them via social media during your Peru holiday, it’s important to always let your friends and family know where you are! Especially if you’re traveling solo and don’t speak Spanish, which is the primary language in Peru.

Splurge for a data plan.  

Along the lines of keeping in touch, make sure you have a phone plan in Peru. Different cell phone providers have different international policies and monetary rates, so factor that into your travel budget. In terms of safety, it’s worth it! You’ll not only be able to update family back home, but you’ll have access to GPS apps and Uber, too.

Don’t let hagglers pressure you.

Like most countries, when you’re in a touristy area in a foreign country, vendors will swarm you to try and sell you souvenirs. (And probably at a much higher price than they should.) The same might happen on your Peru holiday. Don’t feel pressured to buy! Be nice to them, but be firm when you say “no.” The easiest thing to do is just walk away.

Keep your belongings close to you at all times.

This travel tip isn’t exclusive to Peru; tourists are always targets for thieves. Be aware of your belongings and your surroundings. That means: don’t walk around staring at your phone, don’t count your cash in public, and don’t hand someone your credit card to pay for something. (Instead, let them bring the swipe machine to you, so you can do it yourself.)

Don’t walk around alone at night.

Again—another obvious rule! We’re not saying everywhere is bad, we’re just saying be overly cautious. In situations like these, it’s better to be proactive than in a place where you have to react to a bad situation.

Most importantly… don’t let fear get in the way of an amazing experience!

Be sensible, but don’t lock yourself in a hotel room every day instead of taking advantage of where you are. As long as you’re a smart traveler, your Peru holiday should be an absolute blast. Soak up every minute of it!

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