Travel Ecuador: 6 Reasons to Add it to Your Bucket List

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May, 07, 2018
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Pack your bags!

Need a reason to plan an Ecuador family trip? We’ve got six. Find out what they are below, and let Surtrek help you plan the family adventure of your dreams.

Here are just some of the reasons Ecuador is a great place for you and your family to travel:

1. Its biodiversity is unparalleled.

Between the Andes mountains and Ecuador’s prime location right on the equator, this small country has a vast web of “microclimates”—creating an unusual collection of landscapes and 46+ ecosystems. The Galapagos Islands are obviously the most famous, but on top of that, visitors will find El Ángel, the Amazon Basin (Yasuní and Cuyabeno are top spots to visit), the “Avenue of Volcanoes” and more.

2. It’s filled with culture.

You won’t just find one indigenous group in Ecuador; you’ll find 14, and between them, 13 different languages spoken. Mixed in with these tribes are various festivals, like: “Mushuk Nina” (or “New Fire”) every March, which marks the start of the agricultural calendar; Carnival; and the annual Easter processional in Quito, to name a few. All of these come with mind blowing-good food, so expect local coffees, fish, fried pork, corn tortillas, and cocktails made with locally-grown sugarcane vodka.

3. It has the world’s best chocolate.

While Switzerland may be known for its chocolate bars, Ecuador is known for its cacao beans—in fact, it’s the first producer of fine aroma cacao beans, which are considered the best beans in the world. Wander the towns to try different types of chocolate, or visit the cacao plantations and factories to see how it’s all made firsthand.

4. It’s easy to get to!

When you plan an Ecuador family trip, it’s not uncommon for different family members to have different activities in mind. Lucky for you, Ecuador is small; so it’s an easy destination to pack different adventures into one trip! The Amazon basin is just three hours from Quito, the nearest beach is only five hours away, and the mountains can be seen from almost anywhere. On top of that, flying to those places is easy, too. More and more airlines are adding Quito to their routes all the time, including Air Europa, Condor, JetBlue, Aeromexico, Latam, American Airlines and Tame.

5. It’s cheap.

Depending where you are coming from, it might cost a lot to get to Ecuador; but once you’re there, the living is easy. Food, transportation, tours and even hotels are pretty affordable, so it’s a great place to get the most out of your travel budget.

6. It’s full of friendly people.

In Ecuador, you’re family. The locals here are known for being kind-hearted, generous, interesting people, and it’s not uncommon for them to do whatever they can to make your trip the best one yet.

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