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March, 14, 2018
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From romance to adventure, your honeymoon in Argentina has everything you need.

There’s something truly invigorating about Argentina. From its seductive tango dance and postcard-perfect vistas, to its famous steaks, fine red wines and healing hot springs, there’s enough romance for everyone. That said, romance isn’t all it does well. If you’re the type of couple that wants to get your blood pumping during your honeymoon in Argentina, you can hike up a glacier in Patagonia, take an exhilarating boat ride beneath Iguazú Falls, paraglide with condors in La Cumbre, and do so much more.

If you don’t know how to start planning (because who does?!), reach out to Surtrek, the undisputed leader in local and adventure travel in South America, and let them do it for you. They’re experts in these kinds of things.

Tango in Buenos Aires.

Tango isn’t just in a dance; in Argentina, it’s a way of life. If you’re in Buenos Aires at sunset, you’ll see the whole city come alive with it. While dancers and locals show their best moves, older generations come out to watch and play cards, music blares from local radios, and children play along on accordions. In Argentina, every child learns the tango at a young age. Go to San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego every Sunday night, and you can learn it, too; experienced dancers will be in the square, and love to dance cheek-to-cheek with anyone who wants to.  

Get lost in Patagonia.

Patagonia is magical. Sitting right in the Andes mountains, this part of the world—which Charles Darwin once described as “boundless”—is a world of cobalt lakes, azure-tinted glaciers, emerald trees, turquoise skies, cozy villages and Torres del Paine National Park. Go to this part of the world, at the southernmost tip of South America, and you’ll find yourself in vast landscapes teeming with whales, guanacos, foxes, cougars, armadillos, llamas and more. Explore it together on your honeymoon in Argentina and you’ll grow together; no one ever leaves Patagonia unchanged.

Drink wine in Mendoza.

When it comes to cuisine, Argentina doesn’t disappoint. For a honeymoon that’s as tasty as it is exotic, head to the valley of Mendoza and immerse yourselves in the area’s famous vineyards. A trip to this part of the world isn’t complete without a visit to the award-winning Cavas Wine Lodge, which—perfect for honeymooners—has sunrise and sunset views at every corner, private plunge pools, wood ovens, outdoor showers, and a spa with wine-infused treatments. End every day with a glass of wine (obviously), and if you don’t pair it with a juicy Argentine steak, you’re doing it wrong.

Go the the beach.

Argentina has some beautiful, white-sand beaches, but with so many other places in the country to see, few travelers ever make them a priority. For that reason, a trip to the Atlantic beaches of Claromeco and Pehuén-Co, both just south of Buenos Aires, will feel like a private escape during your honeymoon in Argentina. Both beaches are surrounded by a bevy of small towns, so book a hotel, eat local and enjoy a corner of Argentina all to yourselves. As far as sites to see, Pehuen-Có’s rock formations are actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site (it proves that life existed there 5M+ years ago), and not to far away, there’s Monte Hermoso: a place Charles Darwin once traveled to to explore the area’s fossils.

Steep your bodies in a hot spring.

Hot springs are a perfect way to make your honeymoon in Argentina even steamier. And lucky for lovers, Argentina has plenty! Head to the Cacheuta hot springs, in Mendoza, and cap it off with a good glass of wine; or hit Fiambalá hot springs, in the northern province of Catamarca, and enjoy unobstructed views of the tourist-free mountains. Aside from being relaxing, hot springs are known for their healing properties. So pour a glass of wine, soak together, and stay awhile.


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