Romance in the Wild: Go on an Ecuador Honeymoon

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May, 14, 2018
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Start your love story in Ecuador.

Looking for a romantic honeymoon destination? With its beautiful landscapes, awe-inspiring sunsets, mouthwatering cuisine and plenty of places to get lost in the wild, Ecuador is right where you want to be.

And to make your Ecuador honeymoon planning easier, turn to the experts—like the team at Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel—and let them do all the work for you. Their trusty guides know all the romantic spots you just have to see, including some of our favorites, listed below.


Perfect for an Ecuador honeymoon, you’ll have a hard time finding another place in the world quite as cool as Mindo. Known for its butterfly and orchid sanctuaries, this cloud forest is a haven of whimsical waterfalls, delicious local restaurants and quaint hotels, like the gypsy-style cabins at La Roulotte, making it idyllic for newlyweds to explore.


This fairytale-like city knows no bounds when it comes to the views. Sitting in the southern part of Ecuador, it is divided by four rivers; all surrounded by cozy cityscapes of rich colonial architecture and vast green spaces. Here, everything is dripping in history. When you’re there, it’s practically a must to end each day sitting by the riverbank. After all, it’s where you both will get the best view of the sunset.

The Galapagos

Of course, in Ecuador, the Galapagos are a must. (Yes, even for you, lovebirds!) Take in the vastness of its unbelievable wildlife, exotic plants, pristine beaches and coral reefs like you’ve never seen before, and trust us: you’ll be humbled. Head to the uninhabited Isabela Island, once a prisoner’s island that now has small-town charm, and get a romantic view of the ocean from above in treehouses like El Ceibo. Climb back down to sea level, though, and you won’t be disappointed; the island is an oasis of flamingos, volcanoes and shorelines for days. If it’s total alone time you’re after, Floreana Island is also a good choice. It’s home to the smallest population in all of the Galapagos, and is a good place to relax with a good book, swim with turtles, snorkel or just disconnect.

Cuyabeno River

And speaking of disconnecting, if you haven’t researched the Cuyabeno River area, do it! Flowing through the Amazon rainforest, go here and you’ll both forget the rest of the world even exists. There’s plentiful hiking, exotic animals, nature trails, unbelievable colorful flowers, towering trees—and the best part?—little-to-no WiFi.

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