Remember: You Are Your Best Travel Companion

Traveling Alone
by admin
March, 16, 2018
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Get to know yourself—travel alone.

Traveling with loved ones is one of the most fun adventures you can share together; but traveling alone is one of the most important growth experiences you can have for yourself. As daunting as it may seem, there are so many reasons to travel alone. Don’t believe us? Read below to find out some of the benefits of solo travel—-and then try it just once to experience them for yourself.

You get to focus more on where you are.

When you travel by yourself, you’re almost forced to engage more with your surroundings. You walk more. You explore more. You talk to more locals, even if just to order food or ask for directions. Because of that, solo travelers often come back from their adventures with much more vivid memories.

You get to control what you spend.

While many think solo travel is more expensive (because you don’t have someone to share hotel costs with), that’s not always the case! If you want to blow your money on a proper hotel room, do it. If you want to cut costs on the hotel room and stay in a hostel, do it. Want to eat cheaply? Do it. Want to try that $1,000-per-person dinner on the world’s best list? Do it. When you travel on your own, no one else has to be factored into your decisions about how, or how not to, spend your travel money.

Your time is just that… yours.

This is one of the best reasons to travel alone. Just like no one affects your spending, no one affects your time, either. When you travel by yourself, your schedule is entirely up to you. If you want to wake up with the sun and hit the beach, you can. If you want to grab an afternoon drink, you can. If you want to cancel a dinner reservation, you can. If you want to walk out of a concert you don’t like, you can. If you want to do absolutely nothing… you can do that, too. When you’re on your own, nothing is a waste of time! It’s your time, so feel free to “waste” it as you wish

You gain confidence.

Solo travel forces you to be brave. You’ll have to talk to strangers, possibly navigate another language, try not to get lost, and when you do get lost, figure out how to get back to a place you’re familiar with. Accomplishing those things make you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride, which in turn, create a newfound confidence in what you’re capable of. An added benefit? Even when your trip is over, that confidence will translate to life at home, too.

You learn more about yourself.

Combined, all of these reasons to travel alone will teach you something, too. When you venture out into unfamiliar territory, especially as it pertains to travel, you’re often forced to identify who you really are, what you want to do, where your priorities lie, and how you handle yourself when you step outside your comfort zone. This is why many people say solo travel never leaves you unchanged; with the unique opportunity to find out more about yourself right in front of you, it’s impossible for it not to.

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