Peru is for Lovers: Peru Luxury Tours for You and Your S.O.

Romantic Trips
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April, 05, 2018
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Take your loved one on the trip of a lifetime.

Ready to explore Peru? Grab your significant other, go on one of Surtrek’s Peru luxury tours, and together, see everything the magnificent country has to offer.

Culinary Adventures Await

You’ve probably heard of Peru’s amazing food, but did you know that each of the country’s different regions are like mini-culinary countries of their own? (Or that Surtrek can take you to see all of them?) Along the Pacific coast of Peru, seafood is the name of the game, so ceviche is always on the menu. One of the nation’s most popular appetizers, this raw seafood dish is marinated in lime, garlic, onions, hot peppers and other chopped vegetables, and served with another Peruvian specialty: potatoes. There are nearly 4,000 varieties of potatoes in Peru alone! When you’re up in the Andes, celebrate your love for one another with “pachamanca,” a sacred cooking ritual and dish where meats, vegetables, potatoes and herbs are roasted underground, on a bed of hot stones. Much like the Pacific coast, the Amazon is abundant with seafood; but unlike the coast, you’ll find fresh water fish like paiche, sabalo, bagre, palometa and even piranha. This part of Peru is also where you’ll find fruits galore, and of course, the country’s most out-of-the-box delicacy, guinea pig—but you can get that pretty much everywhere.

Luxury in Lima

Once called the “City of Kings” by Spanish conquistadors, Lima is steeped in a wealthy, diamond-bright history. In the midst of its beautiful architecture, visitors can find a luxury home-away-from-home in one of the city’s posh hotels, like the grand Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel or the design-focused Hotel B, to name a couple. When you and your lover are hungry, take advantage of Lima’s fine dining! The world-famous chef and restaurateur, Gastón Acurio, is from Lima, as is Virgilio Martinez Véliz and the famous Lima restaurant he owns with his wife, Central. When it comes to shopping, Lima has everything from artisan shops and locally-made alpaca shawls and wool sweaters, to couture boutiques, valuable Peruvian antiques and more. Want to see the city from above? Take each other by the hand and go paragliding. This high-flying activity is supremely popular in the Peruvian capital, and the panoramic views of its beaches, cliffs, city streets and surrounding coastal areas are hard to beat.

Lake Titicaca is Calling

Spread along Peru’s Bolivian border, Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest travelable lake—hovering over 12,500 feet above sea level! Called “The Sacred Lake,” this natural landmark is surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and dotted with dozens of islands. You can’t visit without seeing the Uro Indians’ man made, floating-reed islands, or Taquile, where you’ll find pre-Inca ruins and daily customs that are just as antiquated. Perfect for a romantic trip for two, stay at the luxurious Titilaka, a modern lodge with wrap-around terraces and glittering Lake Titicaca views. Using the hotel as your base, spend the rest of your trip exploring Mother Nature through various Peru luxury tours: whether its by boating, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking or any other form of adventure.

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