Packing Tips: What to Bring on Your Ecuador Honeymoon

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June, 07, 2018
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Spending your honeymoon in Ecuador? Here’s how to pack.

First thing’s, first: Before you pack, you have to think about where you’re going! Ecuador is divided into tons of different cities and landscapes—from beaches, deserts, modern Quito and the Amazon, to glaciers, the Galapagos Islands and even the Andes—and every new landscape has a new climate. On top of that, there’s a dry season and a rainy season, and they all affect the different climates of Ecuador in different ways. Taking all that into consideration, if you’re going to be traveling to different parts of the country during your Ecuador honeymoon, you’ll need to pack like you’re going to different destinations.

Here are the basic items to add to your list:


If you’re going to be hopping from warm to cold climates, the best thing to do is think in layers. Remember: it could get cold, hot and wet all in one day. That said, lightweight, cotton t-shirts are always a good staple to have, and you can layer them with looser-fitting button downs, pullover shirts, sweaters and coats. Bring a mix of shorts and long pants, and make sure you have different styles of the latter (like jeans, yoga pants and sweatpants, especially if you’re planning on hiking). A raincoat and undergarments are a must, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, bring a bathing suit if you’re planning to go to the coast or if your hotel has a good pool. As for accessories, bring sunglasses, a scarf and a hat. And since it’s your honeymoon, make sure you pack whatever else you need to spark that romance!


You’ll do a lot of walking in Ecuador, so it’s important to bring the right shoes. If you’re hiking, pack hiking shoes or good sneakers. Bring comfortable walking shoes for day-to-day exploration, and if you want to wear sandals, make sure to pack some with backs for extra support. Planning a fancy date night on your Ecuador honeymoon once you’re there? Bring fancy dress shoes or a nice pair of heels—just make sure they’re comfortable if you decide to stroll around the city afterwards.


Stay connected! But just enough to let loved ones back home know that you’re okay—you are on your honeymoon after all. Ecuador has different power sockets than the U.S., so make sure you buy A and C power sockets that have a voltage of 220 to charge and use your electronics. You might also need a converter, depending on what voltage your electronics can handle. And to document the trip, bring a camera or your smartphone and any related batteries, chargers or SD cards.


If you’ve been to Quito, then you’re familiar with being at an altitude of 9,000+ feet above sea level. For newcomers, it can be a challenge! To prevent yourself from feeling under the weather during your Ecuador honeymoon, talk to your doctor about getting prescription medication specifically designed to prevent altitude sickness before your trip. Advil will also help with the headaches, which is a side effect of altitude sickness. Other than that, make sure you bring bug spray, sunscreen and stomach/anti-diarrhea medicine, because bugs, sun and eating foreign foods are all common travel woes.

Other Necessities

With all the walking you’ll do, it’s important to bring a bag to carry all your goods. Instead of walking around with a nice purse or your wallet in your pocket, we recommend bringing a waterproof backpack or fanny pack. Always travel with copies of your travel documents, and bring a small umbrella or ponchos for those rainy days. As a general rule, plan to check a bag! While overpacking can be a pain for backpacking or camping, if you’re staying in hotels, it shouldn’t be difficult. Plus, you don’t want to get there and realize you’ve left something at home—when it comes to your Ecuador honeymoon, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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