Packing Tips: How to Pack for Kids on a Brazilian Adventure

Traveling with Kids
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June, 18, 2018
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Before you leave to Brazil with your family, follow these packing tips.

Packing for a trip is hard, and it gets even harder when you throw kids into the mix. If you’ve planned a Brazilian adventure for the whole family, follow our packing tips below to make sure your little ones have everything they need.

Bring your travel documents.

This piece of advice is pretty standard: you can’t travel to another country without the proper documentation! What may surprise you, however, is—for this trip—you might need more than just a passport. When traveling to Brazil specifically, you’ll need to apply for (and receive!) a visa for every member of your family, including the kids. It can take some time to get it all complete, so contact the Brazilian Embassy closest to you months in advance to make sure you get your visas in time. Depending what other countries you’ve been to around the time of your trip, there’s a chance you’ll also need to bring proof of recent vaccinations.

Pack the right clothing.

Because of its large size and location in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil is packed with vastly different climates. So if you’re planning to travel around on your Brazilian adventure, you’ll need to pack for whatever weather might come your way! December through March is going to be really warm, while June through September is much cooler. Either way, Brazil never gets too cold, so you’ll mostly need to pack warm-weather outfits. For the kids, think in terms of layers: shorts and tank tops for days, and long pants, lightweight shirts and jackets for the evening. Bring a rain jacket, as well as a mix of walking shoes and sandals, especially if you’re spending time on both the coast and in the Amazon. Most importantly, pack clothes for the kids you’re willing to get dirty. They are kids, after all!

Bring a few medical supplies.

Insect repellent and sunblock will be clutch, no matter where in Brazil you are. Since your kids might be eating foods they’re unfamiliar with, pack stomach medicine and allergy medication, in case they have a bad reaction. If they take prescriptions, bring extra; in the event that something happens and your flight is delayed or cancelled, you’ll want to make sure their medicine isn’t affected.

Toys and games are imperative.

Young children love their toys and home routines, so if traveling to a new destination throws them for a loop, bringing a taste of something familiar from home might help them adjust. Consider taking their favorite stuffed animal, a blankie, games they love to play, their favorite books, or even some electronic games for the flight or a long train ride. That said, don’t bring too much! Remember, airlines have baggage requirements.

Bring your baby gear… unless you plan to rent it.

Taking a baby on your Brazilian adventure? You’ll need to figure out what you’re going to do about your baby gear. Many car rental services will offer a car seat at an additional cost, but depending what airline you’re flying, you’ll likely be able to bring your own for free. Here’s some other equipment you’ll need to have: an umbrella stroller that’s easy to fold and transport, a portable crib and a baby carrier.

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