Our Top 5 List: Where to Go on Your South America Honeymoon

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July, 19, 2018
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Deserts, waterfalls, Mediterranean resort towns, wine regions and fjords… oh my.

Congratulations! You’re marrying the love of your life. Now it’s time to plan an out-of-this-world South America honeymoon to celebrate this next exciting chapter.

There’s only one problem: With so many things to do and places to see in South America (and each as interesting and unique as the next), it’s hard to know exactly what destinations to add to your itinerary. The five listed below are some of our favorites—incorporate them into your honeymoon and we promise you’ll start your life together with an unforgettable adventure.

Iguazu Falls

Feeling adventurous? Head to the Argentina-Brazil border and see the world’s largest waterfall system. Earning a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, Iguazú Falls is actually made up of roughly 350 individual cascades, and its neverending majesty draws more than one million travelers every year. Let Surtrek, the leader in custom South America travel, help you find a nearby hotel and turn your honeymoon into a beautiful adventure: one with endless views of Iguazu Falls and nearby mountain biking, sub-tropical jungles, river kayaking, helicopter tours and more.


Wine lovers know all about Mendoza. Perfect for your South America honeymoon, this part of the world is famous for its gourmet gastronomy, fairytale landscapes and impeccable red wine… especially Malbec. Sitting at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the area is filled with luxury hotels where you can celebrate your honeymoon in style.


There are few destinations in the world as magical as Patagonia. Torres del Paine National Park—in Chile, at the southern tip of the Andes Mountains—looks like fictional Narnia turned real life. Pictures won’t do this natural wonder justice: it’s a mecca of towering fjords, forests, glistening glaciers, lakes, narrow waterways, exotic wildlife and more.


Formally named Armação dos Búzios, this Brazilian coastal destination (called “Búzios” by those who know of it) sits just 100 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. Once nothing more than a sleepy fishing village, it’s now popular for its Mediterranean charm, restaurant-lined cobblestone streets and turquoise waters. The famous Brigitte Bardot put this spot on the map when she visited and fell in love with it, and for good reason! This whimsical resort town is filled with trendy shops, upscale restaurants, nearby golf courses, luxurious boutique hotels and more, making it the perfect stop on your South America honeymoon.

Atacama Desert

It might not occur to you to go to a desert on your honeymoon, but when we’re talking about the Atacama, you might just change your mind. Known for being the driest desert in the world, it’s a haven of sparkling salt flats, lagoons, active geysers, and of course, the ancient trading town of San Pedro. While you’re there, take a hot air balloon over the flats, get some of the best stargazing in the world at ALMA observatory, go sandboarding on the dunes and never miss a sunset over the Atacama Desert. Here, there are so many ways to set your heart on fire.

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