Machu Picchu Luxury Tours & Experiences for Your Kids

Traveling with Kids
August, 29, 2018
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Pack your bags!

There are many ways to experience Machu Picchu—from taking a rugged hike to the top, to turning it into a luxurious adventure and sleeping in a five-star lodge right onsite—making it a fit for travelers of all ages.

Going with your kids? Add a little luxury to your vacation to make sure they stay comfortable the whole time. When you do, you’ll inevitably get to treat yourself, too. Here are a few Machu Picchu luxury tours and experiences to consider:

Add some shopping to the itinerary.

What kid doesn’t like new toys? If you have teenage girls, they’ll love to explore the local Peruvian markets. In this part of Peru, you’re in the heart of Incan history—and the markets reflect it. Shop through countless stands of colorful, handwoven textiles and try to resist buying their soft Alpaca blankets, interesting religious dioramas and bold pottery with patterns that tell the stories of Peru.

Ride the Vistadome!

When visiting Machu Picchu, it’s not uncommon to stay in Cusco, which is actually a few hours away. (Cusco is a beautiful city, and there are more hotel and dining options there than in the small towns surrounding Machu Picchu.) If you do stay there, there’s only one way we recommend getting to Machu Picchu: the Vistadome! This all-glass train leaves from Cusco at the crack of dawn and takes you deep into the Andes Mountains at both sunrise and sunset, all while you sip cocktails, eat snacks, watch live dancers perform on the moving train, and take in the spectacular Peruvian countryside along the way.

If your kids aren’t great travelers, stay right on Machu Picchu.

This is the most luxurious of all the Machu Picchu luxury tours and experiences you can take, and if you’re willing to splurge, it’s one that will make a huge impact, too. There’s only one hotel actually on Machu Picchu, the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, and staying there means you can literally walk out the front door and onto Machu Picchu, just steps away. On top of that, it’s beautiful. It has a fairytale-like orchid garden, serves haute cuisine, and is adorned in natural, Inca-inspired designs, relaxed earth tones and carefully-carved stonework.

Want to know about other Machu Picchu luxury tours and experiences your kids will love? Ask the experts at Surtrek, the leader in local South American travel, and pick the best ones for you and your family.

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