Luxury Family Holidays: Unconventional Travel for Families

Traveling with Kids
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March, 06, 2018
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Traveling with family is always the perfect plan. Discover our list of luxury family vacations here!

Family trips are a great way to make lasting memories with the people in your life you love most. Luxury family vacations, on the other hand, guarantee that those memories really shine.

Planning a family getaway and trying to make it a dream come true? For a unique trip that’s sure to blow everyone’s mind, visit one of these South American travel destinations and add a little adventure to all your upcoming luxury family vacations.


As far as Central and South America go, Mexico is hands-down the easiest destination to get to, with a wealth of places to go while you’re there. In fact, its cities are so different that each almost feels like a destination of its own! For a trip that lets you really indulge, choose an all-inclusive spa hotel in Riviera Maya, where you can spend your days at the beach, get a massage while your kids take an art class, visit Tulum and end each day with a toes-in-the-sand dinner by torchlight. Take a quick ferry over to Cozumel, or for a real luxury vacation, head to Cabo and dine and drink with A-list jet setters from across the globe. Mexico’s endless historic sites, ruins, popular walking streets and outdoor activities (like hiking, caves and cenotes!) will ensure that there’s a little something for every family member to do.

Costa Rica

Much like Mexico, the landscape of Costa Rica changes wherever you go; meaning there is tons to see for parents and kids alike. To mix a little adventure with your luxury, visit Manuel Antonio National Park—one of the country’s poshest regions—and roam with your young ones as you spot brown-throated three-toed sloths, Hoffmann's two-toed sloths, toucans, dolphins, whales, coatis, snakes, iguanas, and mantled howler, Central American squirrel and even white-headed capuchin monkeys. Its diverse species aside, there are also plenty of outdoor activities for all ages: like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking. Known for its white-sand beaches and breathtaking views, this part of the world is filled with over-the-top condos and hotels, built right into the rainforest hillside, where you can take it all in.


Take your family to Machu Picchu, and together, you’ll all be forever changed. There are two luxury hotels at the bottom of the hike—one, Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel (in Aguas Calientes), and another, the Belmont Santuary Lodge (at the base of Machu Picchu itself)—or you can stay in Cusco and get there by the all-glass Vistadome train. If the views at the top of Machu Picchu weren’t magical enough already, riding through the Andes in an all-glass train, during both sunrise and sunset on your way there and back, will certainly be the cherry on top.


When in Brazil, spend a few days in Rio de Janeiro, and then spend the rest of your family adventure exploring the Amazon. Whether you hop on a high-end river cruise, sleep in one of its many jungle lodges, hike through its wilderness or kayak down the Amazon River, it’s here that you’ll get to know indigenous people, exotic plant life and animal species you haven’t seen before: like pink porpoises, parrots and the river’s famed piranhas. Another posh place to visit is the coastal fishing village of Trancoso, which is both wild and relaxing. Virtually untouched by tourism, this must-see spot has eight stunning beaches, mangroves, coconut trees, unspoiled coral reefs, sparkling-clear waters and views for days.  

Before you start planning your luxury family vacations, reach out to Surtrek—the undisputed leader in luxury adventure travel in South America—and let them help. You won’t be disappointed!

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