In the Amazon: Must-Do Expeditions for Couples

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March, 28, 2018
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Test your sense of adventure together.

Going to the Amazon with your special someone, and looking for some Amazon expeditions to get your blood pumping? Here at Surtrek, we’ve got a few ideas. Check them out, below!

Go on a canopy tour.

Don’t get confused; this isn’t your average tour. When you go on a canopy tour in the Amazon Rainforest, you’re climbing to the tops of towering trees and moving from canopy to canopy through suspended rope bridges and suspended zip lines. Both exhilarating and view-worthy, these tours are a cool for multiple reasons. First, they give you a different way to see the jungle, and second, they let you do it in an environmentally-friendly way. Think about it: Instead of trekking through the jungle floor and potentially damaging the environment with foot traffic, you both can get a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest from above—barely touching the ground at all.

Take a hike.

You’ve heard of the exotic animals that live in the rainforest. Well now that you’re there, it’s time to see them up close! Throughout the Amazon, there are countless national parks and wildlife reserves that have guided tours designed to take you right where they live. Fusing both the authenticity of the Amazon with a few modern conveniences for today’s visitors, Jaú National Park, in Brazil, and Manú National Park, in Peru, are two of the most popular and biodiverse parks to visit.

Do survival training. read that right. Even the most adventurous couples won’t know what to expect with Amazon expeditions like this! The award-winning Tahuayo Lodge, which sits in the jungles of northern Peru, offers survival training for 1-2 nights to show visitors how indigenous tribes manage to survive in their hostile jungle environment. The skills you’ll learn vary from making your own shelter, finding food and identifying different water vines, to knowing which animals to avoid, what to do in a dangerous animal encounter and more.

Camp under the rainforest stars.

The best way to get to know the Amazon Rainforest is to live there… at least for a little while. Spend your days hiking through the jungle, and at night, pitch a tent and sleep amongst some of Mother Nature’s most incredible landscapes. When you do, you’ll drift off to sleep hearing the sounds of Amazonia, have completely unobstructed views of the starry sky up above, and immerse yourself in nature like you never have before.

Visit the “Land of the Waterfalls.”

If you’re in Brazil, make time to visit the quaint town of Presidente Figueiredo, nicknamed the "Land of Waterfalls," where you can swim under cascading waters, float in natural pools, and explore cavernous caves filled with bats and lizards. There are two main waterfalls—Sanctuary Waterfall and Iracema Waterfall—both of which flow from the Urubui River. Of course, when you go, take a moment to look around the waterfalls, too. The natural landscapes that surround you will make you feel like you’re living a real-life fairytale.

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