How to Pick an Ecuador Travel Agency for Your Family Trip

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August, 01, 2018
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Make your life easier.

Ah, travel agents. They just make life easier, don’t they? If you’re planning a trip to Ecuador or the Galapagos and need an Ecuador travel agency to help you along the way, consider these tips to find the right one for you:

Look for one you can afford.

Travel agencies are worth every penny; but you have to pay a few pennies, too. What you’re paying for is their knowledge and their connections—they usually save you money by finding in-the-know deals, free upgrades, the best transfers and more. Some of them even offer their own local tours, and if that’s the case, those fees will be included. Regardless, ask about rates when you first start working with them. They can range from $25 to $100+ per service or booking, and you’ll want to know that early, as you budget.

Look for one you feel like you can work with.

Whatever Ecuador travel agency you choose is planning your family vacation, and that’s a big deal! You have to feel assured that they know what you’re looking for, are going to do everything they promised, won’t screw you over and will keep you updated throughout their planning. Plus, if you do work with them, you’ll eventually need to give them your private payment information, and you want to be able to trust they won’t abuse the privilege.


Look for one that specializes in what you’re looking for.

Find an agency that’s passionate about travel—specifically, the kind of travel you want to do. In your case, your Ecuador travel agency needs to know a lot about… well, Ecuador. Companies like Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel, is made up of locals from all over South America who know its different countries, Ecuador included, like the back of their hand.

Look for one with your family’s best interests at heart.

Remember: Travel agents are experts in what they do, but they’re also there to cater to your trip. Listen to their advice (they know what they’re doing!), but also make sure they take you and your family’s needs seriously. With a little mix of what you want and what they suggest, you can plan a family trip that exceeds your expectations.

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