Here's Why a Trip to Antarctica Should Be Next on Your List

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September, 14, 2018
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You’ve got to go there.

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting all seven continents in your lifetime, Antarctica is probably going to be the toughest one to touch. Lucky for you, there are ways to get there—it just takes a lot of planning and in-the-know travel planners, like Surtrek, to show you how it’s done.

Don’t know if a trip to Antarctica is for you? Let us tempt you. Here are just five of our favorite reasons to make a trip to the South Pole:

The wildlife.

You haven’t seen wildlife like this before! In Antarctica, you’ll see polar wildlife like Orca and humpback whales, narwhals, Leopard and Southern Elephant seals, walrus, muskoxen, reindeer, albatross, polar bears, Adelie penguins, and more, all living in one of earth’s most challenging environments. As creatures dot the continent’s snowy-white landscapes or jump in and out of its frigid waters, a trip to this part of the world makes for some beautiful animal spotting.

The photo opps.

Take its diverse wildlife and picturesque history, and add in two-story icebergs that’ll leave you breathless. If you travel during summer, you’ll get 24 hours of sunshine; meaning you can photograph and explore the continent’s towering bergs, blue ice, deep crevices and, depending where you go, pockets of ice that no one has ever stood on before. It’s a wintry dream come true, and you won’t be able to stop snapping pictures of it all.

The history.

The history of Antarctica centers around exploration, and there are preserved sites there that prove it. Step back into the 1900s and see them for yourself. There are the exploration huts of Robert Falcon Scott, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary, and Base ‘W’ on Detaille Island, which was abandoned by researchers in 1959. In sites like these, you’ll find bunk beds, kitchen tools, seal blubber, jigsaw puzzles and even long johns. It’s a real glimpse into life in Antarctica 100+ years ago.  

The adventure.

Adventure is one of the biggest draws of a trip to Antarctica. When you’re that close to the South Pole, you’ll spend your days kayaking and hiking through the arctic, camping, pitching fires, and making yourself at home in one of Mother Nature’s most remote pockets.

The solitude.

With so few people there to bother you, a trip to Antarctica is really about one thing: peace. Enjoy what may be some much-needed time away from the hustle-and-bustle of daily living, so far away that there’s not even cell service, and focus your attention on what’s around you. Inland, you can sit quietly in an icy paradise, while, closer to the water, you can fill the silence with the sounds of penguins, seals and even whales spouting water through their blowholes. With no wars, an abundance of tourism or political conflict to spoil it, Antarctica remains a peaceful place of scientific discovery; and a place just begging to be explored.

Want to take a trip to Antarctica, but don’t know where to start planning? Ask the experts at Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel, to help you nail down the details.

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