Here Are Four Reasons You Should Take a Uyuni Night Tour

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August, 28, 2018
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It’s magical.

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat, and every bit of it is worth seeing. It spans 4,086 square miles, contains more than 10 billion tons of salt and is home to nearly 70% of the world’s lithium reserves. Bordering part of the Andes in Bolivia, the remote nature of this vast landscape—which is so huge that it can be seen from space, and is close to the size of an entire country, Lebanon—makes it a top place to see the stars... and we don’t mean the ones you see on Hollywood Boulevard. A Uyuni night tour is something dreams are made of. Read below to find out why!

It’s one of the best places in the world to do stargazing.

This part of the world is where stars and salt collide. There is no light pollution here, the air is clean and the sky is so wide that the views never seem to end. Pick which phase of the moon you want to go during—we think a trip during New Moon is always best!—and let yourself be blown away on a Uyuni night tour. You’ll see The Milky Way, far-off dwarf galleries called “the Magellanic Clouds,” shooting stars, and even Saturn and Jupiter.

The beauty is everywhere—not just in the sky.

When we say this salt flat is huge, we mean it. And it goes for miles. The white salty surface is very reflective, and from December to May (when it’s wet season!), a thin layer of water turns Uyuni into a mirror. In that mirror? During a Uyuni night tour, a perfect reflection of the beautiful stars above.

The journey to get there is jaw-dropping.

You can drive right on the flats, and if you drive from Uyuni, you’ll be amazed at what you see along the way. As the sun starts to set, cruise through the salt and take in the red lakes, vast deserts, Andes mountains, volcanoes and wildlife all around you, all of which are a sight to be seen during one of Uyuni’s fiery sunsets.

At the end of your tour, you can sleep in a hotel made entirely of salt.

...we aren’t joking. Palacio de Sal sits right near the salt flats and has walls made of salt bricks, as well as igloo-style roofs, headboards, pillars, stairs and more, all made of salt. And as impressive as that is, the hotel is beautiful, too! Palacio de Sal is actually a luxury hotel, at an affordable price, with observation decks, stately leather furniture, a clubhouse, a fancy restaurant with tuxedoed waiters, and of course, endless views of Salar de Uyuni.

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