Four Atacama Desert Tours the Whole Family Will Love

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August, 21, 2018
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Like… Moon Valley. Need we say more?

Planning a family trip to the Atacama Desert? Here are four ideas for different Atacama Desert tours the whole family will love:

Moon Valley:

Sitting in the northern part of Chile’s Atacama Desert, Moon Valley is known for its moonlike dunes, rugged mountains and rock formations. Atacama Desert tours to this part of the world will introduce you to nearby bike trails and the town of San Pedro de Atacama, and just southeast of that, the Laguna Cejar sinkhole. The latter is bright turquoise, absolutely stunning and a MUST when it comes to family photo opps.

Puritama Hot Springs:

Sitting in the heart of the Atacama desert, these thermal springs are warm (they stay at a constant 91 degrees Fahrenheit!), refreshing and the perfect place for travelers to relax. Kids will find these natural baths fascinating; especially when you tell them about their “magical” waters with healing powers...

Death Valley:

Chile’s Death Valley is covered in salt, sand and red rocks, all of which give visitors a vista that’s absolutely stunning. It’s the perfect place to go sand boarding, ride horses, hike through dunes or trek across salt mountains. Reach out to Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel, for help and they’ll identify Atacama Desert tours that let you do all of the above!

El Tatio Geysers:

This is the third largest geyser field in the world. Go at sunrise, and you’ll get the most incredible photo. The geysers themselves sit in the middle of the Andes at 14,000+ feet above sea level, and on the drive there and back, your kids will love all the animals they spot roaming around—like vicunas, guanacos and little rabbit-like animals called “viscachas.”

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