Family Travel: Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Peru Holiday

Traveling with Kids
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July, 03, 2018
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Don’t let a temper tantrum get in the way of a good time.

Traveling with young children is hard no matter where you go—but when you add a little jet lag and altitude sickness into the mix, like in Peru, it can be a bit more challenging. Don’t let that stop you from visiting! Next time you’re planning a Peru holiday with your family, follow these tried-and-true tips to make it a smooth (and hopefully, cranky-free) adventure.

Tip #1: Don’t go during tourist season.

December and January might be off-season for some major attractions, but that also means you’ll have to deal with fewer crowds. Because of that, this is a great time of year to go with kids! Take the bus up to the top of Machu Picchu and explore the jungle, or because the Southern Hemisphere will be nice and warm, hit the beach.

Tip #2: Don’t rush to the sites.

Depending where you’re coming from and what your body can handle, you might have two travel problems to deal with on your Peru holiday: jet lag and altitude sickness. To avoid dealing with both at once, plan to stay two or three days in Lima! Lima is only 1,312 feet above sea level at its highest point, which doesn’t affect most people. Stay in a decent hotel and plan low-key days so that you’re comfortable and relaxed before you make your way to Peru’s higher altitudes: like Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley or Cusco.

Tip #3: Get out on the water.

Kids love the water! You’ll find plenty of opportunities to go boating, swim with sea lions or even go Ollantaytambo rafting down the Urubamba River on your Peru holiday.

Tip #4: Prepare for anything.

Being prepared means bringing the right medicines, lotions and special food items for whatever ailments might come your way! Take Muña or Coca tea to prevent altitude sickness, and bring sunscreen with a stronger SPF than what you or your kids usually wear at home. The sun is much stronger in this part of the world, and sunburnt children are usually grumpy children.  

Tip #5: Be flexible!

Traveling doesn’t always go as planned, and when you travel with children, that rings true more than ever. Different kids will have different interests, and you’ll need to bounce between activities to keep them all happy and entertained. Don’t lock yourself into a rigid itinerary—allow yourself to go with the flow (and factor in a few spontaneous nap times) so that everyone has a great Peru holiday.

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