Family Friendly Holidays that are Off the Beaten Path

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October, 03, 2018
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Your family is special. Your family trip should be, too.

South America is a great destination for family friendly holidays! And if you want something particularly special, head to off-the-beaten-path Peru. Here are just a few places you might not have heard of that are sure to take your breath away:


Drive two hours outside of the capital, and you’ll stumble upon the “stone forest” of Markawasi. Known for its mystical stone faces—some of which look like human heads and animals—theories about why and how it got there range from erosion to life outside this planet. (And yes, we mean aliens.) No one has ever determined the real reason, so grab the kids, head to the Andes and come up with a theory of your own.


If you love family friendly holidays that involve the outdoors, you’ll love Lunahuaná. There’s so much to do here! Go mountain biking, do a river run, try zip-lining, see some ruins and, just for the adults, finish the day with good wine and good pisco.

Cerro Azul

This little beach town is anything but toursty; so it’s the perfect place for you and your loved ones to go for family friendly holidays in South America. You might be the only ones there, but that’s all part of the fun! Surfers can take advantage of the town’s solid left point break, while families of all interests can escape here for a relaxing day in otherwise bustling Peru.

Palomino Islands

We’ve got a day trip for you! Start at Lima’s Callao port, a place known for its history of pirate attacks, and hop on a boat to the Palomino Islands. On this floating piece of paradise, you and your kids will love swimming with sea lions, going marine life spotting and listening to all kinds of birds chirp the day away.

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