Family Adventure Trips That Will Leave You With Lasting Memories

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February, 12, 2018
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Plan a new kind of adventure with your family.

Family adventure trips are a great way to make lasting memories together. And because the keyword is “adventure,” they can be anything you want them to be! Next time you’re planning your family vacations, gather your loved ones and find out what kinds of activities everyone likes to do. Then, if you’re feeling a little bold, agree on how comfortable you all are stepping outside your comfort zones. Remember: By adding a little adventure (or just something new) into your vacation, your family will have the unique opportunity to strengthen bonds, forge deeper connections, learn something new, and of course, make wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime.

Trying to plan a family trip? Here are some out-of-the-box themes to consider, and of course, our favorite places to do them. Happy traveling

Go on a vacation that’s all about food.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but if there’s one thing most families have in common, it’s that they all come together over food. Take that tradition on your family vacations! If you’re up for a different kind of adventure—a culinary one—consider grabbing your kids and your significant other and heading to Argentina. In this part of the world, the wine and cuisine aren’t just delicious; they’ve helped shape the country’s history. If you’re all of drinking age, dip into the viticulture of Argentina and follow in the footsteps of the countless immigrants from France, Italy, Spain and other countries across the globe who brought their knowledge of winemaking to the region and made it what it is today. Another chief destination for family adventure trips with a tasty twist is Peru. Known for its diverse regions, each with avant-garde cuisine, here, you can bring the kids and enjoy a feast for the ages; one with “pachamanca,” llama steak, quinoa risotto, streetside tamales, lomo saltado, ceviches, papas a la huancaina and more. Pair it all with a chilly pisco sour, or take a cooking class and learn how to make it yourself, and this will be one family vacation you, and your taste buds, won’t forget.

Go somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Want to make lasting memories with your family? The more remote the destination, the better. When you go on a remote vacation, you get to feel like you have a destination all to yourself—and inevitably, a lot of “quiet time” to bond in the process. For a vacation like this, head to the Chilean desert and get lost in surreal landscapes filled with narrow canyons, ravines, the untouched Altiplano lakes, and the red-orange sun glowing over sandy hills at sunrise. Not remote enough for you? We think Antarctica should do the trick. Visit this sacred part of the world and cruise past countless icebergs to find every cold-weather creature you can imagine: like adorable penguins, huge whales and happy seals, to name a few.

Force yourselves to disconnect.

Turn your devices off! True family adventure trips can’t happen when you’re still always connected to home—so to really disconnect, go out into the wild, where WiFi isn’t even an option. One way to that is to explore the depths of the Amazon with a trusty Surtrek guide by your side. When you do, you’ll get to experience what other adventurous travelers only dream of: hiking through the nocturnal rainforest, fishing for piranhas, kayaking with pink dolphins, sleeping in a chic jungle lodges, and floating through Amazonian streams aboard a riverboat cruise. On top of that, while you disconnect with the outside world, you can reconnect with Mother Nature, too. The lessons you’ll learn about the world’s ecosystems, and yourself, are irreplaceable.

Roam with the world’s most exotic wildlife in the Galapagos.

There’s no place on earth like the Galapagos Islands. The primary resource for Charles Darwin’s famous theory of evolution,  this volcanic archipelago is where you’ll find rare species you won’t find anywhere else on the planet, from giant tortoises, penguins, fur seals and sea lions, to finches, blue-footed boobies and even pink land iguanas. The best part? The animals are so friendly! Because of its extremely remote location, the existing species that live there have never been taught to fear humans or other predators. (In fact, you won’t even find predators on this archipelago.) Because of that, they have no qualms about hanging around humankind, or even coming right up to them to play. Is there anything more perfect for family adventure trips with your kids?

Go somewhere with a culture that’s completely different from your own.

Immersing you and your family into another culture means that your entire trip is filled with new experiences. In South America, a veritable “melting pot” of distinct and vibrant cultures, you could go to any country and do just that; but our favorite is Ecuador. Here, the mountains of the Andes set the stage for a country that’s both visually and culturally intriguing. Wander through a lively village square, spend a night with Mother Nature in a tiny hut in the middle of nowhere, get lost in the Andes, dance your way through Carnaval, meander down a cobblestone street in a pre-Columbian Andean village and, wherever you are, mingle with the locals. They’ll regale you with stories about their homeland that could go on for days.

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