Everything You Need to Know About Experiential Travel

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February, 28, 2018
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Have you heard of experiential travel? Experiential trips are a growing trend in the tourism industry. Find out more about them (and where to find one!) here.

It’s no secret that we love travel. (Who doesn’t?) But for us, it’s not simply about the practical elements of a much-needed vacation—like flying, cruising or staying in new hotels—it’s about experiencing our destination. Today, millions of travelers around the world are looking for more experiential travel. Instead of just visiting a far-fetched, bucket-list location, they want to immerse themselves in all aspects of it, whether that’s by hanging with the natives, eating local foods, exploring its landscapes by foot or something else.

Today’s travelers don’t want to go to a destination just to remember the views, like so many travelers have spent years doing. There’s nothing new and exciting about that! They want to remember a destination’s people, and experience those special nuances that make the destination different and special from every other place we could have traveled. And as a travel company… we tend to agree.  

In 2018’s device-driven world, we at Surtrek want to take travelers off the grid and let them experience the real South America. Have you always heard about the wonders of the Galapagos? Don’t just go on one of the popular cruises there, as wonderful as they are. Explore it with us, a group that knows its landscapes and animals inside and out. Ever dreamed of going to Machu Picchu? We’ll hike it with you—and arrange your sleeping arrangements, right at the foot of it. In Chile, we’ll take you through bustling Santiago, where all the tourists go, but we’ll also show you the country’s moonscapes, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, beaches, islands, salt flats and fire-red deserts that go on for miles. And if you want something more relaxing, we’ll take you to Laguna Verde, which sits at the foothills of the Licacahur volcano, on the Chilean-Bolivian border. With a name that means “Green Lake,” this turquoise and emerald mineral salt lake seems to “hover” 4,300 meters above sea level. Perfect for the traveling couple, you both can disconnect from the world and reconnect with one another as you quietly relax in its piping-hot thermal springs.

For these travelers, it’s about the ‘hero’s journey;’ the idea that travelers purposely go into the unknown to get out of their comfort zone, learn from other cultures and come home forever changed. Travel shouldn’t just be a synonym for “transport.” When you’re planning a trip somewhere exotic, with a significant other you want to experience it with, it should be just that: an experience. Or as we and so many others like to call it, experiential travel.

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