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February, 01, 2018
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Let Surtrek help you see the world

Solo adventure travel does things for a person that other types of travel just can’t. For one, it lets you explore—really explore—parts of the world you’ve always wanted to see. Second, it gets you out of your comfort zone. Taking solo adventures lets you shed the version of yourself you’ve always known and try something new; and if things go wrong, it teaches you how to cope with those uncertainties, too. Second, when we do push our limits, we gain confidence, which inspires us to take more adventures and gives us reasons to love, and be proud of, who we really are. All that combined, adventure travel has the uncanny ability to make people grow, change and see the ups and downs of life from a new perspective. When it comes down to it, adventure travel not only lets you learn something about the world around you; you’ll inevitably learn new things about yourself, too.

And here at Surtrek, we capitalize on those adventures. In fact, as a leading adventure travel agency with a passion for showing solo travelers the best parts of South America, we make adventure a part of our mission.

Here are just some of the reasons to make Surtrek your adventure travel agency of choice the next time you plan a solo adventure:

Surtrek promises to give you a local experience.

Unlike other travel agencies, Surtrek is owned and operated by locals born and raised in South America; and it’s designed for tourists coming to explore it for the first time. As locals, they know what’s actually worth seeing! In addition to taking you to some of South America’s most popular sights, Surtrek will make sure you see the country’s hidden gems, too.

Surtrek promises to keep you safe.

Another benefit of this adventure travel agency being local is that its guides and travel planners know the parts of South America to avoid. With Surtrek, you can rest assured that any trip you plan will be completely safe and age-appropriate. And if you’re uncomfortable traveling on your own, don’t worry—they’ll put your mind at ease by sending someone with you!

Surtrek promises to make your trips all about you.

Many travel companies design preset tours through South America that have you going to all the predictable places, like Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Lake Titicaca or maybe even the Costa Rican rainforest. And if those are the places you want to see, Surtrek will take you there! But to make it extra special, this adventure travel agency will custom-design a one-of-a-kind trip that only you can experience… with a few off-the-beaten-path stops for you to see along the way. Whether you want to hike through the Andes, go on a hot air balloon ride over Ecuador or scale snow-capped mountains in Chile, Surtrek will create a trip that reflects your passions and helps you discover a side of South America you’re sure to fall in love with.  



Surtrek promises to move you.

It’s no secret that travel has the power to inspire. But when you travel with Surtrek, that inspiration goes to another level. Follow the Surtrek team to unknown corners of South America, and you’ll explore new landscapes you once only thought possible in your dreams. What’s more? You’ll learn new things about yourself, too.

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