Coffee Tour Colombia: 5 Coffee Experiences for Your Trip

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June, 11, 2018
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The coffee is hot. Drink up!

When in Colombia, you have to drink the coffee. It’s just a given. Here, coffee isn’t just the country’s largest export—it’s a lesson in history, a respected industry, and most importantly, a lifestyle. There are more than 560,000 coffee farms throughout the country, and with the care and protocols by which the plants are grown and beans harvested, the flavors and profiles are unlike anywhere else in the world.  

Knowing this, next time you visit this interesting South American nation, contact the team at Surtrek (the leader in custom South American travel) and let them create a trip for you with a coffee tour Colombia. These tours come in many variations, can be found in almost every corner of the country, and are a great activity for the coffee-loving solo traveler.  

Here are five Colombian coffee experiences we love:

WakeCup Experience Tour

This full-day coffee experience is one coffee tour Colombia you don’t want to miss! It’s run by Experiencia Cafetera, goes beyond simply growing and harvesting coffee, and shows us the human component to coffee production, right from the heart of cozy Pijao. Attendees can expect to go to a working coffee farm and spend time with coffee pickers, Jeep drivers, farmers and other individuals who are important to the coffee-making process. You’ll learn about the impact of coffee on Colombia, and like the tour’s name implies, get your own caffeine fix as well: by tasting lots of it!

Flavors of Bogotá Specialty Coffee Experience

Head to Bogotá, a part of the country known for its new-age coffee scene, and pop in one of the area’s countless coffee shops. On this tour, you’ll get to stop in at least three local shops and learn from some of the best baristas in the city. All who attend will get a firsthand look (and taste!) at what makes Colombian coffee so special, find out how to prepare it and learn how to identify its different profiles and flavors, all in one of Colombia’s most hip coffee towns.

Hacienda Venecia

Want to visit a working coffee farm? Head to Hacienda Venecia, near Manizales, where you can eat, sleep and breathe coffee—literally. On this coffee tour Colombia, stay in authentic local houses and immerse yourself in the culture of Colombian coffee.

Panorama Café Hostel

Designed with coffee-loving travelers in mind, Panorama Café Hostel isn’t your average hostel. It sits right in the middle of the small coffee town of Buenavista, and surrounded by many of Colombia’s local coffee farms, it’s known for its beautiful views and for having local Colombian coffee on tap all day long. On the walls, guests will find images of local coffee producers and farmers, all embellished with QR codes linking to recordings of why they’re important to the Colombian coffee scene. Inspired by the caffeinated bean, the hostel itself has partnered with local coffee tour companies, and usually serves as the starting point for many of its tours. Love coffee and looking for a casual place to call home? Panorama Café Hostel is for you.

Yipao Jeep Parades

Yipao Jeep Parades are a cultural tradition in Colombia, and they’re a great way to learn about and celebrate Colombian coffee. During these parades, Willys Jeeps (vehicles used in Colombia strictly to transport coffee and goods along mountain roads) are paraded through the streets decked out in goods and decorations, performing acrobatic feats on just the rear wheels. Some of the most popular parades happen in Armenia, and while they don’t actually qualify as an actual coffee tour Colombia, they’re a great way to see the important connection between coffee and Colombia’s more rural areas.

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