Coffee Drinkers Unite: Pick Your Coffee Tour Colombia Trip

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July, 05, 2018
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You might be awake for hours.

Coffee lovers know it—there’s just something special about Colombian coffee. So next time you visit the beautiful country, you have to go on a coffee tour Colombia to get a taste of the best!

Don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. Read below for three destinations in Colombia’s famed “coffee country” that will surely make your caffeine-fueled dreams come true. Drink up!


Sitting just west of Bogotá, this Colombian colonial town is known for its coffee estates (and like most of South America), it’s jaw-dropping landscapes. Curious travelers from across the globe head to this little town to wander up the colorful architecture and craft shops of Calle Real, explore nearby Cocora Valley—where rare parrots zip between the area’s iconic wax palm trees—or even to see the snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Natural Park just beyond. Of course, the main draw here is the coffee. Walk down the streets or hop on a coffee tour Colombia and you’ll find endless shops serving the freshest cup money can buy... especially considering the beans were harvested just steps away.


This is the largest city in Colombia’s “coffee country.” Located in the northern part of the coffee axis, Manizales is a cultural town. When you go, take the cable car on a city tour, see the cathedral, attend one of its annual festivals, catch a horse parade or bullfight, and of course, drink the coffee. The most popular coffee farm in the area is the luxurious Hacienda Venezia, which sits just 10.5 miles outside the city. It’s a working coffee farm with coffee and jeep tours, swimming pools and bird watching, and since they accept volunteers, you can even try harvesting some of the coffee yourself.

Santa Rosa de Cabal

Near the city of Pereira, Santa Rosa de Cabal is as popular for its beauty as it is for its largest export: coffee. When you’re there, see the stunning waterfalls of Termales de Santa Rosa, reap the health benefits of its natural hot springs, munch on the area’s popular “chorizo Santarrosano” sausages and learn how to be a coffee farmer. The area is surrounded by award-winning coffee producers, and there are many tours in town where you can walk through coffee plantations, learn how to sow coffee beans, roast your own coffee with firewood in a traditional farm kitchen, and even brew a fresh cup to see how it all comes full circle.

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