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Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Lodges
This week we are taking a look at lodges situated in and around the Ecuadorian cloud forest town of Mindo. A little over an hour from Quito, the Mindo...
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Adventure Solo Travel: 9 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers
Adventure solo travel gives us the opportunity to explore both the world around us and ourselves. Here are the top destinations in the world for solo...
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Find Yourself: The Best Places to Travel Solo
There’s something to be said for solo travel. You can do, explore, eat and drink whatever you want. You can stay out late or wake up early. You can sk...
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Custom Vacations for Incredible Solo Adventures
Make your dreams a reality by planning a solo travel adventure that’s tailor-made to you.
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Off-the-Beaten-Path South American Adventures for Solo Travel
Looking for a unique solo travel experience? Customize a trip with Surtrek, and discover the best South American destinations for solo travel.
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Best Places to Travel Solo for Adrenaline Seekers
Get your blood-pumping in these four solo travel destinations.
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Remember: You Are Your Best Travel Companion
Get to know yourself—travel alone.
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Where to Travel Alone in South America: Must-See Destinations
See the world on your own terms.
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Best Solo Active Travel & Tours in South America
Let’s start with Aconcagua!
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