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Top 5 Sites for Your Galapagos Diving Cruise
There are diving vacations… and there are diving vacations. And one of these special underwater adventures can be found in the legendary Galapagos Isl...
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3 Ecuadorian travel journeys for the senses
If you’re a traveler looking for more than landmarks or monuments, keep in mind that each destination offers alternatives. There are journeys that pro...
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Travel to Ecuador to Find the Huaorani People: The Masters of the Amazonian Universe
The Huaorani (or “Waorani”) people are one of the indigenous nationalities living in the Ecuadorian Amazon. For centuries this ethnic group has mainta...
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Is a Vacation in the Amazon Really Doable?
Shrunken heads, man-eating anacondas and poison-tipped blowgun darts... The mere mention of the word “Amazon” evokes terrifying images in even the mos...
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5 Top Train Experiences in Ecuador
Air travel is great – though you miss out on the countryside 30,000 feet below. Car trips in a foreign country are also fine – if you don’t mind spend...
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Adventure Vacations for Families: Strengthen Family Bonds | Surtrek
Let’s be frank: Life is exhausting. Between long hours spent in the office and after-school schedules jam-packed with extracurricular activities, qual...
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What You Want From Your Adventure Family Travel Agency
Picking a travel agency to help plan your next family vacation can be hard. Use this guide to find the right one!
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Everything You Need to Know About Experiential Travel
Have you heard of experiential travel? Experiential trips are a growing trend in the tourism industry. Find out more about them (and where to find one...
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Calling All Divers: Take the Galapagos Diving Cruise
The best way to see the Galapagos is from beneath it.
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