Calling All Divers: Take the Galapagos Diving Cruise

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April, 02, 2018
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The best way to see the Galapagos is from beneath it.

When it comes to diving, there are few places in the world as exhilarating as the Galapagos Islands. And lucky for solo travelers, Surtrek, the leader in South American adventure travel, has come up with a Galapagos diving cruise just for them! For diving aficionados, a Galapagos diving cruise is the best way to travel. In addition to those once-in-a-lifetime adventures, like snorkeling with sea lions or diving down deep with whale sharks, these cruises give you an in depth tour of a legendary part of the world that Charles Darwin found inspirational… but very few actually get to see.

To explore this enchanting part of the world, Surtrek has come up with a handful of Galapagos diving cruises, each with different places to go and a different number of dives. While all are fantastic, one that is particularly popular is the Aggressor III, which is considered one of the finest liveaboard yachts in all of the Galapagos. Spanning 105 feet, this sleek, custom-designed ship can accommodate up to 16 passengers comfortably, has eight staterooms with ensuite bathrooms, offers four dives daily, and will take anyone who dares on two thrilling land excursions and two night dives. Adding to its allure, the ship has all of the luxuries of modern convenience: including air conditioning, TV and DVD players, hairdryers, lounges, dining rooms, onboard chefs, sundecks for tanning, complimentary beer and wine, a computer to look at your diving shots, and when you just want to relax in Paradise, even a Jacuzzi.

Depending what time of year you go, here is a sample itinerary of what you can expect on your Surtrek Aggressor III cruise:

Day 1, Baltra Island: Get picked up at the airport and head to Santa Cruz Island, where you will have your “orientation dive” at Punta Carrion.

Day 2, Santa Cruz Island: Take two morning dives at Punta Carrion or Bartolome Punta, followed by an afternoon hiking excursion to scenic Bartolome Island.

Day 3, Wolf Island: You’ll go on four dives around Wolf Island on this day; two in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night.

Day 4, Darwin Island: You’ll take two morning dives and two afternoon dives around Darwin Island.

Day 5, Darwin Island: You’ll take two morning dives around Darwin Island, and two afternoon dives around Wolf Island.

Day 6, Cabo Douglas: You’ll take two morning dives around Cabo Douglas, and two afternoon dives at Punta Vicente Roca.

Day 7, Cousins Rock: You’ll start this day with a morning dive at Cousins Rock, followed by a land excursion to Santa Cruz Island that includes both a bus tour of the island’s Highlands and a stop at the Fausto Llerena Tortoise Breeding Center.

Day 8, Baltra Island: It’s time to go home!

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