Caffeinate Your Romance with a Coffee Tour Colombia Trip

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July, 16, 2018
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Wake up, drink coffee, fall in love, repeat.

If you’re a coffee-loving couple heading to South America, you need to go on a coffee tour Colombia! Read below to find out our favorite caffeine-fueled experiences in (what we’ve deemed) the coffee capital of the world.

Taste the flavors of Bogotá.

As you probably already know, Colombia is bursting at the seams with coffee shops. Head to Bogotá, and you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at Colombian specialty coffee from the baristas themselves. There are lots of coffee-centric city tours like these, and all take you to different cafés, teach you the best ways to prepare and drink your Colombian coffee, and even include barista-led brewing lessons. Let Surtrek help you find the best one for you!

Get immersed in coffee at Panorama Café Hostel.

This Buenavista hostel was designed for coffee lovers. In fact, it’s themed around it. Local coffee from nearby coffee farms are available all day long and the hostel walls are covered in images of local coffee producers and farmers, all with QR codes that link to recordings about their connection to the famed product. On top of that, the hostel has a close working relationship with Experiencia Cafeteria, a company dedicated to creating travel experiences centered around Colombian coffee, which guests can take advantage of.

Lend a helping hand at Hacienda Venecia.

Immerse yourself in a coffee tour Colombia by getting right down to the root of the trade—and we mean that literally. Hacienda Venecia is actually a working coffee farm in the coffee-growing region, just outside of Manizales. Here, you’ll sleep in a traditional Colombian country house, which has its own local character with its red-and-white clay exterior, wrap-around veranda (perfect for sipping your morning cup o’ joe), and free-roaming peacocks. You’ll spend your day lounging by the pool, taking self-guided bird tours and hikes through the mountains, or hanging out in the hacienda’s Coffee Lounge, where you can learn about coffee production and even try your hand at “cupping,” a traditional part of the process that involves smelling and tasting the freshly-made coffee.

Go to Café San Alberto.

When in western Colombia, you can’t leave without having coffee at Café San Alberto. Sitting on a slope overlooking the Andes, this café is known across the country for its view, which is particularly beautiful at sunset. Adding to its allure, San Alberto’s premium, award-winning coffee is one of the most popular in Colombia! Grab a cup on the terrace—which was built into the hillside, in the thick of the area’s natural beauty—and take the café’s own coffee tour Colombia and tasting experience. Your coffee never tasted so good!

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