Boyfriend Tips: How to Plan Holidays in Peru She Will Love

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August, 03, 2018
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Holidays in Peru can be incredibly romantic—so if you want to plan a special trip for you and your significant other, it’s a great destination to do so. To make it extra romantic, plan it with her in mind. Here are some questions to ask yourself when planning romantic holidays in Peru:

What kind of traveler is she?

Is she adventurous? Is she a nature girl? Is she a high-end traveler with a penchant for a good martini? A mix of all three? Peru has a little something for everyone; you just have to know what she’s looking for to pick the right destination (or mix of destinations). If she’s a history buff, make sure you go to Cusco. If she loves the outdoors, don’t miss Sacred Valley’s lakes, mountains and the salt flats in Maras. If it’s the nightlife she’s looking for, spend a lot of time in Lima. For total seclusion, head to the Ballestas Islands. In Peru, the world is your oyster.

How does she handle altitude?

This is key in Peru. Cusco sits at an altitude of 11,000+ feet above sea level, and even the most daring of travelers depend on the region’s coca leaves and coca tea, natural aids to altitude sickness, when they get there. At that elevation, prescription altitude medication isn’t uncommon, and many of the area hotels even pump extra oxygen into their hotel rooms to help visitors acclimate. While Cusco is stunning, if your special someone doesn’t do well at high elevations, it may not be the place for her. If that’s the case, go back and see it another time with friends or family, but for the sake of romance, keep her closer to sea level to make sure she actually enjoys herself.

What kind of Machu Picchu experience would she enjoy?

Despite what we just said about altitude, Machu Picchu is a must for any traveler. Even if she isn’t a nature girl, the experience is inspiring, and even life-changing, for many. Considering it’s nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, you might feel the altitude, but not enough to derail you from the trip as a whole. Either way, there are many ways to experience Machu Picchu, depending on the level of adventure your significant other enjoys—from authentically hiking it, camping along the way, or turning it into a glamping trip, to staying in a five-star luxury hotel right on Machu Picchu or sleeping elsewhere and taking a bus up to the top. No option is better than the other. It’s all a matter of preference.

What kind of dining experience would she like?

Another thing Peru is known for: the FOOD. Do some research and make reservations at some of the country’s best restaurants during your holidays in Peru. We suggest experiencing a mix of street food and sit-down dining, and if she’s a whiz in the kitchen, she might even enjoy a chef-led cooking class. Here are some local specialties to seek out while you’re there: pisco sour, tamales, purple potatoes, ceviche, quinoa dishes, pachamanca and anticuchos.

Another thing to ask yourself: Who can help me plan? Planning perfect holidays in Peru with her in mind can be tricky. Fortunately, you can turn to experts like Surtrek, the leader in custom South American travel, for help.

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