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May, 07, 2018
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See Argentina like only you can.

Traveling on your own is always a memorable experience—but try solo travel Buenos Aires style, and you’ll have a vacation you won’t forget. This Argentine capital is known the world over for its vibrant culture, beautiful surroundings, familial people and unbelievable food and wine. Nicknamed the “Paris of South America,” its French- and Florentine-style architecture will force you to stop and stare, while the city’s vast portfolio of activities will make sure to keep you on the go.

Here are five things you have to do during your Buenos Aires solo travel:

Learn to tango.

You’re in the birthplace of the tango. So why wouldn’t you learn from the masters?! Tango lessons are held all over Buenos Aires, and it’s not uncommon to see locals and dancers showing off their skills in the city’s streets and plazas.

Go on a free walking tour.

Buenos Aires Free Walks take place every day of the week at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you attend the morning tour, meet next to Teatro Colón, on Plaza Estado del Vaticano; and if you attend the afternoon tour, meet in front of The National Congress. None of these tours require reservations, and both will give you a great overview of the city. You’ll see The National Congress, walk down Avenida de Mayo (where there is stunning architecture), and visit the cathedral, the pink government house, the famed Obelix monument, the statue of The Thinker, the National Academy of Tango, and finally, Plaza de Mayo.

Go inside the Palacio Barolo.

Sitting on Avenida de Mayo, you’ll pass this building on your free walking tour; but because of its stunning architecture, you’ll want to come back to take a closer look. Standing tall at 100 meters high (it was tallest building in Buenos Aires when it was first built in 1923), this neo-Gothic and neo-romantic building was named a historic monument in 1997. Go up to the lighthouse on the 22nd floor, and have your camera ready! You’re about to get one of the best views of Buenos Aires from above.

Eat at the oldest café in Buenos Aires.

When Café Tortoni first opened in 1858, it was where you found the the city’s elite: like painters, musicians, artists, writers and more. Today, this French-style café is still the oldest in Buenos Aires, so it’s a good place to go to grab a cup of coffee, watch live tango and soak up the city’s history.

Enjoy a traditional Asado.

Next to the tango, Argentina is most known for its steak and wine. Enjoy both with a weekend “asado” feast! This tradition doubles as both a cooking style and a party… and while it’s found all over South America, Argentina is where it’s most popular. Read more about this tasty tradition here

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