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July, 10, 2018
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Fall in love in one of the most remote parts of the world.

Galapagos Islands travel is something most people dream of, but few actually get to experience. Considering a trip yourself? One way to explore the Galapagos is on a cruise! Fusing the best of luxury and adventure, Galapagos cruises are perfect for couples—they immerse you right in Mother Nature, right on the water, while still offering those basic comforts that a romantic trip merits.

Here are four reasons to make your next couple’s trip a Galapagos cruise:

You’re floating on a natural treasure.

The part of the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Galapagos Islands was declared a protected marine reserve in 1986, and the reef within it is only second in size to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. In total, the marine reserve spans 27,000 square miles of Pacific Ocean blue. Sail across it and you’ll have a new appreciation for Mother Nature’s beauty. (There’s even a whale sanctuary there!)

You’ll get to do more.

It’s common sense; if your home-away-from home is also your transportation, you won’t have to schedule extra time to go back to a hotel! The Galapagos Islands have very strict visitation hours, so if all you have to do is head back to your boat to go to sleep, you’ll get to make the most of your day by being the first one there and staying until the very last minute. In the process, you’ll also be able to see a lot more islands—and of course, more animals—during your Galapagos Islands travel.

You’ll get to see things most people don’t.

This archipelago is far off the coast of Ecuador, so if you get the chance to do some Galapagos Islands travel on a cruise, you’ll get to explore remote islands that few people ever reach. You’re pretty much doing the same thing Darwin once did; without the fancy cruise, of course.

You’ll spark a personal sense of adventure.

Something unexplainable happens when you’re floating on the open seas. It’s inspiring. It’s exciting. In a place like the Galapagos, the views are to die for. All those elements combined, you’re in a new kind of paradise. Participating in a voyage like this is fun, rejuvenating and ignites a thrill in you like only being on the water can.

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