Awasi Patagonia: A Perfect Experience with Surtrek

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March, 09, 2018
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Torres del Paine is a world of its own.

If you’ve already been to Torres del Paine, in Patagonia, then you already know how magical this corner of the world really is. With its towering granite mountains (and a name that appropriately translates to “Towers of Paine!”) this 700 square-mile natural playground is South America's finest national park. Get lost in its teal and azure lakes, emerald forests, roaring rivers and iconic blue glacier, and it’s no wonder this park has been recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1978. Go deep into the park, and you’ll stumble on a hidden gem that makes your jaw drop even more: Awasi Patagonia, a luxury hotel with Mother Nature in mind.

At first glance, Awasi Patagonia seems like a place you only thought existed in fairy tales. Wander through its wild reserve, and you’ll find no more than twelve “villas” dotting the landscape—each made to look like wooden shipping crates—that were inspired by old outpost shelters that once covered the area. Facing the seemingly impossible views of Lake Sarmiento and the park’s characteristic peaks, each Felipe Assadi-designed cabin blends into the landscape with natural wood paneling and Scandinavian-style décor. Perfect for single travelers, couples and families alike, they come with plush and comfy beds, large common areas and views that practically beg you to be inspired. Are the temperatures dropping? Enjoy the evening chill from your private outdoor hot tub, go to the main house to indulge in a warm gourmet meal, or grab a spot on your plush living room couch and light the fireplace. No matter what you choose, when you’re at Awasi, nature always plays a part. In fact, with the hotel’s remote location, you even feel a part of it.

But beyond just looking at it, Awasi Patagonia sets you up to explore that nature, too. As the only hotel in the region to create tailor-made excursions for each of its guests, this luxury haunt gives every guest a professional guide and 4x4 vehicle throughout their stay so that they can explore Patagonia and Torres del Paine as they wish. Want to go deep in Patagonia’s forests of Lenga and Ñire trees? You can. Want to run with herds of guanaco, nandu, foxes, Andean condors and even the occasional puma? You can do that, too. At Awasi, your wish is the hotel’s command; in fact, every excursion you have there will be private, at your preferred travel pace and planned with you in mind.

Lucky for us, we get to see the beauty of Awasi Patagonia firsthand! As South America’s leading adventure travel company, we here at Surtrek have partnered with Awasi Patagonia to serve as the professional nature guides for all hotel guests. Book a stay there, and you won’t regret it—it’s our job to make sure you don’t.   

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