Adventure Travel Tours That Will Strengthen Relationships

Romantic Trips
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February, 14, 2018
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Let your adventurous spirit fuel your love.

Romance can be all about spa days and fancy dinners, but it doesn’t have to be! In honor of Valentine’s Day, plan a romantic escape with your special someone with a few adventure travel tours mixed in. Adventure trips for couples have been proven to strengthen bonds with one another; so hike that mountain, go skydiving, take that snorkeling tour, or try one of the unique adventure travel tours for couples we love below. Then, when it comes to actual planning, reach out to Surtrek to help make your dream trip a reality. As a dedicated adventure travel company, they’ll show you and your significant other exactly where to go.

Swim in a cave in Riviera Maya.

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for its sparkling beaches and clear-blue Caribbean Sea. And as beautiful as it is on top of the water, some of the real beauty of Mexico can be found when you swim beneath its surface. One of the region’s true hidden gems, however, are its underwater caves, called “cenotes.” Named after the Mayan word for "sacred well," today, these naturally-produced, mineral-rich pools are open to the public for swimming and snorkeling. Popping up all over Riviera Maya, no two cenotes are the same! Some are surrounded by lush jungle terrain, some go far into dark, bat-ridden caves, and some are shallow while others are deep. The one trait they all share? Those chilly, fresh, crystal-clear waters… making them perfect for adventure travel tours with your number one girl or guy.  

Take a mystical trek through the Andes of Peru.

Oh, Machu Picchu—there’s something truly unexplainable about climbing Machu Picchu. Surrounded by the deep green, picturesque Andes, a mountain range that looks like it came straight from a postcard, a trip here is deeply spiritual. In the “land of the Incas,” you and your special someone can also walk in the footsteps of an ancient civilization, kayak across a sacred lake, wander through the Sechura Desert, or go camping under a starry sky. Wherever you go, stop and talk to the Peruvian people you meet along the way. They’re as friendly as they are spiritual, and they love to share the lesser-known secrets of their homeland.

Take a hot-air balloon over Bolivia.

Boasting one of the best views in all of South America, Salar de Uyuni is a salty piece of heaven right here on earth. Add that to the fact that it covers 4,050 square miles of Bolivian landscape, making it the world's largest salt flat, and it’s no surprise it has become a prime spot for adventure travel tours. While its mirrored surface makes it beautiful enough to just stare at, try floating over it in a hot air balloon at sunrise. Do so with your significant other, and together, you’ll discover the sheer beauty of a part of the world that most travelers only dream of seeing.

Go horseback riding through Ecuador.

In Ecuador, your opportunities to explore together are endless; but the best way to see the country is on horseback. Located in the northern Andes, the Ecuadorian “paramo” is a rare grassy area, found at the highest altitudes, that holds the country’s largest quantity of water. Explore it on horseback with your lover, and ride into the sunset until you find the Cotopaxi volcano. There, you can have a picnic filled with authentic Ecuadorian food—like arroz con pollo, choclo and pan de yuca—and watch as blue-footed boobies, iguanas and llamas scurry past. From the Andean paramo and the Ecuadorian countryside, to the Patagonian Altiplano and the country’s vast coffee fields, the horses know the way.

Hike across glaciers in Argentina.

Argentina is a lovers’ paradise. There are dancers doing the tango in the streets, endless vineyards with their robust wines, cozy streetside diners and views for days. For a romantic trip with an adventurous twist, enjoy the Argentine landscape while you trek across it. Head to Patagonia and hike through ice tunnels, over glaciers, and see everything from towering fjords and emerald-green lakes, to whales, penguins, cougars, tuco-tucos and more. As if that’s not enough of a reason to go, everyone knows cold weather was practically made for cuddling… so let your love grow as you see the world around you.

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