Adventure Travel Companies: Combine Adrenaline and Romance

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February, 21, 2018
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Romance doesn’t have to be boring.

Trips with your “special someone” are so fun to plan. The hard part is combing through the options, deciding where to go and narrowing down what to do when you get there! Fortunately, adventure travel companies like Surtek, the leading experts in localized, South American travel, know exactly what to do. Tell them what you and your significant other like to do, and the kind of trip you’re looking for, and let Surtrek’s experienced travel planners turn it into the romantic adventure of your wildest dreams.  

Here are just some of the ways Surtrek promises to design a romantic adventure you’ll both be talking about for years to come. (Hint: There’s an emphasis on “adventure.”)

With Surtrek, your romantic adventure won’t be a cookie-cutter experience.

No two couples are alike—and their trips shouldn’t be, either. While many couples like to spend their trips steeped in luxury, eating fancy food or relaxing in a spa, others would rather be ziplining through the Amazon, horseback riding around Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano, or climbing Machu Picchu. Either style is fine; but adventure travel companies like Surtek will customize your trip with adrenaline-pumping activities to make sure your romantic escape isn’t just like that of every other couple.

With Surtrek, you’ll get a local experience.

Because it is owned and operated by locals born and raised in South America, Surtrek was made with curious travelers in mind. Its guides don’t just want to take you to the famous sites—they’ll take you where the locals like to go, too! Locals always know the off-the-beaten-path spots that you just won’t find in a travel guide, so as part of its mission, Surtrek will make sure you get to see your destination’s real hidden gems.

With Surtrek, your trip doesn’t have to be limited to one destination… or one travel style.

There’s so much to see and do in South America! So take advantage of your time there and visit more than one city or country. If you head to a large country, like Chile, spend time hopping between its wine regions, beaches, snow-capped mountains and even its jaw-dropping fjords. Want to see more than one country? That’s also an option. And no matter where you go, make sure you really experience your destination while you’re there… however you want to. You can spend your days hiking through the Andes, and your evenings in a cooking class with a world-renowned Peruvian chef. Or, wake up early for some sunrise ziplining, and then come back for a facial that afternoon. It’s all about balance, right?

Most importantly, with Surtrek, your trip is all about the two of you.

You and your love are the ones embarking on this romantic adventure—so it goes without saying that any and all travel planning should occur with you in mind! Unlike other adventure travel companies, Surtrek specializes in custom, one-of-a-kind trips; meaning no one else will have the exact same experience that you two have. If that isn’t special, we don’t know what is.

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