6 Peru Adventure Tours to Take with Your Kids

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July, 10, 2018
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Who’s ready for a family adventure?

Peru is a great family destination; especially if your family loves a little adventure! Next time you go, hop on one of the many Peru adventure tours the country has to offer. If they include the areas or experiences listed below, we’re sure both you and your kids will love them.

Educate and explore in the Amazon.

Young kids are always eager to learn about what’s around them—so take yours to the Amazon Basin, and make Mother Nature their classroom! Book your stay in a jungle lodge, and spend the next few days immersed in caimans tree canopies, kayaking down the Tambopata River, watching animals play and feed, and learning about the medicinal uses of rainforest plants. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be just as captivated by what you see as your kids.

Explore the Incan Empire.

In Peru, especially in the Andes or Cusco, you’re in the heart of Incan history. And there are so many Peru adventure tours you can take to experience it. Grab the kids and ride up to Machu Picchu (you can walk, if you’re up for it!), shop the colorful textiles and Alpaca blankets in Peru’s local markets, go mountain biking or paddle boarding in the Sacred Valley, or if you end up in Cusco, turn it into a culinary adventure and learn how to make chocolate at the Choco Museum.

Set sail across Lake Titicaca.

There are few bodies of water more beautiful than this South American gem. Whether you hop on a boat or a kayak, make a point to get out to Uros. This tiny archipelago is made up of entirely man-made, floating reed islands, and it’s filled with traditional locals living according to ancient customs and dressed in historic garb.  

Go for a hike.

Have you ever been to Colca Canyon? It’s here that you’ll find soaring Andean Condors; the world’s largest flying bird, with wings that span nearly 10 feet wide. If by small chance you don’t see one, hike the canyon and take in the views. With its towering mountains and dramatic blue and green landscapes, you’ll think you’re in a dreamland.

Venture To The Peruvian Coast

Of all the Peru adventure tours you can take with your family, heading to the coast is definitely top of our list. Just getting there is an adventure. Hop on a plane and fly over the the real-life puzzle that is Nazca Lines, take a dune buggy into the sand dunes in Ica, give sandboarding a shot, or take a boat to the Ballestas Islands, where your kids will see sea lions, pelicans, penguins and more. And while the kids roam with the animals, the adults can drink wine or Peruvian pisco. You’re in Peru’s wine-producing region, after all!


See the capital.

Peru is a vibrant country in general, but its capital city takes that vibrance to another level. In Lima, explore the Miraflores district by bike, go paragliding, or if you think your kids can handle it, visit the bone-filled catacombs of San Francisco Monastery. It’s important to note that food should be part of your adventure here, as well. Walk through the local markets, take a Peruvian cooking class, or simply eat in Lima’s countless restaurants. Peru is a destination for adventure and gastronomy, and we know your kids will love it both.

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