5 Must-Do Outdoor Activities for Your Ecuador Honeymoon

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July, 03, 2018
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Even on your honeymoon, you’ll need to leave the room sometime.

Thinking about adding a little adventure to your Ecuador honeymoon? These five outdoor activities should do the trick:

1. Go for a hike.

The best way to experience Ecuador’s landscapes is to immerse yourself right in the thick of them. You can do that by going on a hike! Whether you choose to trek it alone or with a guide, the locals will tell you that the best hiking is found in La Sierra. Take a three-day hike up the Inca Trail to Ingapirca, Ecuador’s most important Inca ruins. Trek through Parque Nacional Cajas, a special place that looks like the Scottish highlands. Or go on a two-day hiking adventure through Parque Nacional Podocarpus, which brings you across the páramo, a treeless plateau at a high elevation, all the way to the Lagunas del Compadre. If multi-day hikes are too long, go on a day hike—we suggest one around Laguna Quilotoa. There are plenty to choose from.  

2. Get out on the water!

Ecuador is filled with rivers just begging you and your special someone to see. To really get a taste of life on the water, opt for a whitewater rafting tour. If you’re a novice rafter, head to Río Blanco or Toachi, just outside of Quito. Río Misahuallí, near Tena, will take more advanced paddlers through a stunning canyon in the depths of the rainforest; and on the popular Río Upano, in the southern Oriente, you can go on a multi-day rafting adventure through Namangosa Gorge.

3. ...And in the water.

On your Ecuador honeymoon, plan some time to go snorkeling or scuba diving around the Galápagos, where you’re likely to see colorful fish, turtles, endemic reef fish and more in combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Here at Surtrek, we can arrange diving excursions and snorkeling experiences with the best tour operators in the area.

4. Go mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a cheap, fun way to get outdoors on your Ecuador honeymoon. Like hiking, the best place to go mountain biking is in La Sierra. Choose from a range of single- or multi-day mountain-biking tours to Cotopaxi National Park, the Papallacta area or Otavalo. Both cross-country and downhill routes are available in every area, so you can pick a route that best matches your skill level.

5. Get up on that horse.

Throughout Ecuador, many haciendas have been turned into country inns—and at these inns, horseback riding is the norm. Join in the tradition and ride on horseback to see some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes: like La Sierra’s sweeping páramos, snow-capped volcanoes or even the El Choco rainforest. These rides can be tough; so let us here at Surtrek find you the best guides to make sure it’s a fun, safe experience.

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