10 Spectacular Peru Tours (Part 2)

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November, 17, 2016
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Last week, in the Part 1 article of this article on Peru tours, we presented the first five of what we consider to be the must-see travel Peru tour destinations of this fascinating nation. This week, we continue with another five destinations in Peru that upscale travelers in particular will find well worth the effort to visit.


1. Arequipa: The White City 5-arequipa-town-square

The second biggest city in Peru, Arequipa is known as the “White City” thanks to its unique architecture – which is why the city’s historic district has been a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site for more than a decade. Its historic district embodies a rich mix of the indigenous and Spanish colonial cultures. Examples of Spanish colonial architecture can be found throughout the city center, characterized by charming streets, and colorful buildings and flowers. The entire city of Arequipa is surrounded by three picturesque volcanoes, the most imposing being the “Misti" Volcano, a snowcapped figure that will accompany you throughout the city, while the beautiful countryside is bathed in the picturesque Chilli River. Arequipa’s eternal spring means that any time of the year is perfect for visiting the city. All of this explains why Arequipa has long been a popular Peru tour destination. A charming destination and well worthwhile destination, Arequipa is also a great start before heading out to the Colca Canyon. 2. Colca Canyon: Scoot over Grand Canyon! 6-colca-canyon

Much deeper than the Grand Canyon, reaching down 4,160 meters, Colca Canyon is one of the deepest in the world and therefore one of the most popular Peru tour attractions. From the canyon’s Cruz del Condor viewpoint, you can develop an equally deep appreciation for the immensity of this astounding place, as well as a chance to witness majestic Andean Condors in flight. Possessing more that the amazing sightseeing, however, there is something for everyone here, with everything from vibrant culture to extreme sports. 3. An Amazon Peru Tour on Board a Floating Boutique Hotel 8-peruvian-amazon-cruise

The Peruvian Amazon is not naturally hospitable. The dense tangle of impenetrable jungle, the poisonous plants, flesh-eating fish, the insufferable heat and high humidity aren't easy to contend with. At the same time, though, this river and region are characterized by extraordinary levels of biodiversity, indigenous cultures and exotic jungle life untouched by civilization as we know it. To open this area up to the more demanding traveler, this Peru tour on an Amazon riverboat cruise allows you to visit these remote ecosystems while enjoying the comforts, commodities and services of a 5-star boutique river hotel. On board a luxury riverboat on the Peruvian Amazon, you can enjoy your expansive observation deck, outdoor Jacuzzis and al fresco lounge after previously trekking into the jungle to meet with remote indigenous communities, listen to howler monkeys and view parrot clay licks. A Peruvian Amazon riverboat cruise is one of the most memorable experiences you could ever wish to have. 4. Ballestas Islands: The “Other Galapagos” 9-bellestas-islands

A must-see for all wildlife lovers, the Ballestas Islands are a group of rocky islands located off the Pacific coast near the town of Paracas. Home to thousands of birds and mammals — including penguins, sea lions, Inca terns and pelicans — this abundant wildlife has earned these islands the nickname of “The Poor Man´s Galapagos,” as they constitute a unique experience for those who unable to travel to the Galapagos. Don’t be put off though, some of the most upscale and elegant accommodations that you’ll find on any Peru tour. 5. Nazca Lines 10-nazca-lines

Sitting quietly on a high arid plateau of Peru’s northern Pacific coast is one of the earth’s greatest mysteries. Here you can discover the Nazca Desert, world famous for its more than 70 ancient geoglyph drawings of animals and other shapes. So large that almost all of them can only be seen from the air, these drawings – the “Nazca Lines” – are found between the towns of Nazca and Palpa. Created between 200 B.C. and 700 A.D., these range from simple lines to stylized figures of spiders, lizards, monkeys and even people. Thanks to the dry, windless and stable climate of the Nazca Desert, these lines have remained uncovered through today. For an incredible out-of-body Peru tour experience, travelers can witness these enigmatic patterns by taking an early morning flight in a light aircraft, or by viewing three of the figures from an observation tower along the Pan-American Highway.



Our final conclusion
For travel experiences like those found deep in the Peruvian Amazon or high from a Cessna peering down at a geoglyph, we suggest that you select a knowledgeable tour operator like Surtrek, whose team can work with you to custom design a Peru tour like any of the ones above, and/or another tour anywhere in South America. Expert travel coordinators will help you to plan and seamlessly carry out a tour that introduces you to the authentic Peru, and anywhere else in South America, in a sustainable manner that leaves the most minimal impact on this nature-rich continent.
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