Desert Expeditions

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Conquer the forbidding desert

The desert is a place of surreal landscapes. Here, you can trek through narrow canyons, cross capacious ravines and discover fields of flowers that bloom only every few years. Beginning at dawn, we wait for the sun to rise, revealing its striking colors that gradually melt into the landscape. Later, you can plunge into crystalline Altiplano lakes. After becoming re-energized, delight in an on-site picnic of local cuisine…and you can, of course, pair this with Chilean wine.

Activities you are going to do
  • Stargazing
    Peek into a telescope or simply surrender yourself to the starry sky to get a sense of how vast the universe truly is.
  • Trekking
    Explore the way, you might encounter surprises – a curious animal, a sudden mist blanketing the land, or a friendly local helping you with directions.
  • Drone Flying
    Experience and capture the land from a different perspective. Extend your reach to unreachable heights and expanses, and discover a whole new vision of the world.
  • Photo Safari
    Going on a photo safari can be more than challenging. Along with our specialists, we will take you to the very best spots at precisely the right times.
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