Andean Culture

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A more relaxed lifestyle

From a lively village square to a small hut smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, the vast and multifaceted Andes translates into a cultural adventure – one where you’ll witness remnants of an ancient civilization and an entirely refreshing vision towards life. The major contrasts to what you’re used to will undoubtedly be enriching, however you’re likely to find the more subtle differences the most interesting. The greatest impact on you could come from just a simple walk down a cobblestone street in a remote pre-Columbian Andean village in which you witness life with a varied twist. Children playing with sticks as a dog nips at their heels …old men oblivious yet living in the moment… The greetings, the thank you’s. We invite you to experience a different way of life; one that will make you slow down and deeply sense all that surrounds.

Activities you are going to do
  • Horseback Riding
    Whether traveling through an Andean paramo, the Patagonian Altiplano, a dense cloud forest, or the countryside of a coffee region, exploring these lands on horseback is the best way to grasp their truest nature.
  • Trekking
    Explore the way, you might encounter surprises – a curious animal, a sudden mist blanketing the land, or a friendly local helping you with directions.
  • Cooking
    Learn ancestral recipes as you bond with local culture and history through a cooking lesson – a fun and delicious alternative for experiencing your destination.
  • Wine Experience
    Some places cannot be immersed without a wine experience. This is not only to please your senses. As you visit the most important wineries, learn their stories, philosophies and taste their wines, you will get to taste our culture, our history... Salud!
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